Do showbiz politics and ‘brown presidents’ make a good mix?

Things haven’t changed much in Philippine politics despite efforts to impart upon Filipino voters the finer cognitive skills involved in choosing their leaders. Of course, it is really foolish to expect more from candidates like Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada and Jejomar ‘Jojo’ Binay…

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Some people may express “shock” at such spectacular insults on the already meagre collective intellect of the Philippine electorate. But, really, people like us who’ve been so long in the business of understanding the fundamental nature of the Filipino psyche quite simply are just bemused. It will take entire generations to engineer the stupid out of the Filipino mind. Even without the cringe-worthy daddy-groovy dancing on display today, you’d think Filipinos would at least remember how just 12 years ago, millions of their compatriots trooped to Edsa in a second take of their once-revered street “revolutions” to remove then President Estrada, at the time widely-regarded as a plundering womaniser.

Showbiz, indeed, is the opiate of the masses. It is a low-tech version of that contraption Will Smith uses to make casual kibitzers forget they saw aliens in the hit Men in Black Hollywood movie franchise.

The trouble with Filipinos is that even those who claim to be “intelligent” enough to revile the showbiz tactics used by agenda-laden politicians to con their constituents into literally dancing to their drumbeat also latch on to their own personal celebrity idols like barnacles — whether these be charismatic religious figures, self-appointed subject matter “experts” and “practitioners” and, yes, costumed shock “activists”. The predisposition to be dazzled by pomp, circumstance, colour, and costume is simply too deeply-ingrained in the Filipino mind. This psychological condition transcends class, gender, and sexual orientation in the Philippines.

Who needs substance when glitz, glamour, and coño airs work wonders on the vacuous mental faculties of the Filipino? That is the simple principle at work in the art and science of mass persuasion in Philippine society.

Perhaps, as politician JV Ejercito wistfully suggests to a Makati crowd (so I heard), Filipinos need a “brown president” to parallel the tradition of the journey US President Barack Obama (an African-American person, we are reminded ad nauseum) took to the American throne.

If that, indeed, is the case I say Kris Aquino needs to work on a serious tan to be in the running for the top job. If Erap can do it, so can Kris. The prospect of a Kris Aquino presidency isn’t entirely implausible in a society renowned for a consistent track record of electing bozos to lead and represent them. Indeed;

A highly credible source who serves as consultant of several political personalities says Kris is being groomed by a powerful group within the Liberal Party to be the running mate of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas in the 2016 elections.

“But she’s too controversial and there are too many issues that would be used against her if and when she runs for vice president,” some would say.

Up to now, people apparently don’t realize that Kris is a Teflon public personality whose public career is punctuated by scandals and major controversies. Still, she remains impervious to blame and criticism.

“Impervious to blame and criticism.” In short, Kris is Philippine President material. Why go for the Vice Presidency, Kris? Go for the gold. Run for President in 2016. It’s a sure thing.

Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw

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David beckham for prime minister of uk.
Kobe bryant for president of us.

If it was down to filipinos

No country is as politically stupid or backward as philippines ( and a couple of african banana republics), and hence gets the worst ‘politicians’ imaginable.

And if 81% of people are happy ( 95% of A,B,C groups ) according to pulse asia! then the dynasties will continue to grow and steal at will.
Nobody really cares, or cares to think.


I would have expected gordon and casino to do better (if surveys are correct)
They would seem to be more representative and supportive of the masses, but obviously not reciprocated.

Nancy binay!! Bam aquino!! Cynthia villar!! Grace poe!!
These people are an insult to the electorate

gersky arellano

Ours is a reactionary society. We, Filipinos, are not taught to think critically. We are just being spoon feed by our educational system and the stream line media in general. We ought to think what is good for our country first rather than be subservient to the interests of foreign powers. It’s good the western powers exported to our shores, this English language.We can positively exploit this advantage to present our true Filipino identity rather than to be controlled by others.

Johnny Saint

Why must you always bring bad news while I’m digesting? 😉


It’s really amazing how people with mind set like eduardo can say 1+1=3. How many percent of Filipinos think like him? Because in the end, it will determine how the Philippines will be like a few years from now.

Nakakainis na nakakalungkot. Sarap tirisin e!

I’ve never encountered surveys, not even once. Sadly, some of us haven’t either..this is really sad if “survey-says” that most of us would vote for that person when it is the exact opposite. In this case, it is really a sad state of affairs.. Showbiz and politics are not a good mix in my opinion..especially if that person can’t prove himself worthy of it. It is also sad that are other individuals who are truly more deserving to do such service but instead they get relegated elsewhere in which the public barely knows what they even did because the media… Read more »

The photo at the top of the article is all that needs to be said….sorry in advance but if I was filipino I would be very embarrassed

Aramis Alvarez


“It will take entire generations to engineer the stupid out of the Filipino mind.”

Holy geezuz. That made me laaaaaaugh (but cry inwardly at the same time)

Johnny Derp

Meanwhile in other news:

LP, Kaya Natin caught in P20M vote-buying

AQUINO is in VERY HOT WATER. I believe that Aquino’s lackeys can’t weasel themselves out of this one.

So much for “tuwid na daan” if they get caught red handed in bribery anyway.

Two old ‘hoodlums-in-robes’? dancing with Ladies who could be their Grand-daughters? wtf, wait, HA HA HAAHAHAHAHAHA, I mean BWAH HAHAHAHAH!!!! in the Philippines this is the sort of people that get elected, well I guess people who would think they are despicable for doing that are probably just jealous they do not have dates with 19 yr. old Femmes!!! I mean, ask any old dude:”Yo Gramps, how would you like another shot at a 19 yr. old hottie?”.I bet Gramps would say:”You bet your ass I would.”. so two ‘hoodlums’ are just doin what any old guy would do, EVEN… Read more »

Speaking of “brown politicians….” – click here


Reading these comments is enjoyable, fun time reading.

This eduardo guy, he is a malacanYUCK plant? that is that he is sent to comment here by the Malacanyuckers?

IDK, people really think they give a shit about what people write or think about them? They are in power now and have the backing of the military so it is a li’l unlikely that would really give a shit what anyone says.
Any proof of this guy being a mole? I mean afterall, this is only a web-site blog!


a black president in US has just meant more ghetto blasters and basketball players at the white house.
no one takes obama seriously – other than other blacks.
and no one would take binay seriously – other than other crooks


Great work Ryan!