Senator Enrile allegedly gives out public money to senators

The reign of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile could be coming to an end. If 2012 saw him lauded by the public for what they thought was his “greatest” performance during the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, 2013 is starting out to be “scandalous” for the octogenarian politician.

juan_ponce_enrileConcerned Filipinos were shocked to read reports that Enrile gave a whopping bonus of 1.6 million pesos each to 18 senators last Christmas. In one report, it was said that the funds for the alleged bonuses came from “the funds allotted for the Senate post vacated by President Aquino when he won the presidential election in 2010.”

It is interesting to note that rather than hand over unused funds back to the treasury, Enrile saw it fit to distribute the so-called “savings” to Senate employees as a personal gift. According to the same report, even drivers and security personnel in the senate got bonuses ranging from 50,000.00 to 120,000.00 pesos.

It is simply outrageous that Enrile seems to think that running the Senate is like running a company — that they are entitled to bonuses when the company makes a profit. But the funds of the Senate are not profits. They came from hardworking citizens.

What’s even more shocking is that some senators didn’t see anything wrong with what Enrile did because it turns out that senators received bonuses every year coming from the same “savings”. No wonder most people, particularly relatives of those already in Congress are desperate to be a member of Congress. They already know what they are entitled to get once there. No wonder the Senate President is pushing his son, Jack Enrile to run for the senate especially since the former could be retiring soon and won’t be getting any more “bonuses”.

Some senators even justified receiving the bonuses by saying that “under the Constitution, the heads of constitutional offices like the Senate President are given the power to realign and utilize appropriations in the budget to other existing items.” The question is, how do the senators define “existing items”? Does it include personal use of the funds or pocketing it? Of course not. Who is monitoring how the Senators spend the funds though? Apparently, no one is doing an accounting at the moment because it is only now that Senator Miriam Santiago was compelled to call on the Commission on Audit to audit the so-called “savings” or “secret funds”:

“The so-called savings of each public office has turned into a national scandal, the grandmama of all scandals. The Constitution allows savings to be used by the office at the end of the year. But in reality, the head of office manipulates the books and creates so-called savings, by refusing to fill up vacancies, or refusing to buy essential office supplies or services, or capital equipment,” Santiago said.

“These so-called “˜enforced savings’ are then distributed among the highest officials, in the guise of Christmas bonuses,” Santiago added.

Santiago’s request seems like an afterthought considering they say that this has been the practice for years. Did Senator Santiago not know this? Since the “realigning” of the unused funds by giving these to Senators as Christmas bonuses is done every year, why is it only now that this information has been publicized? Why are there senators who are making some noise about it only now? Could it have something to do with another allegation that some of the senators like Santiago, Antonio Trillanes, Allan and Peter Cayetano received less than the rest? Some people cannot help but think that these senators received less because they got under Enrile’s skin at one point or another in 2012 while most seem to just suck up to him.

It’s funny how our politicians especially old-timers like Enrile think that they can use public funds for things that will not even benefit the majority. It’s pathetic. On one hand, Congress can appropriate so much funds for their branch while on the other, there are also reports saying the governor of Albay, Joey Salceda is asking for more aid from the international community for the victims of super typhoon Pablo that devastated some parts of Mindanao. To be specific, he is seeking $65 billion in aid for the victims and damage to infrastructure. It is estimated that there are 6.2 million people in need of assistance particularly needing food supply as a result of the devastation in the region.

Instead of blaming the lack of response from the international community who are probably getting desensitized to the natural and man-made disasters occurring ever more frequently in the Philippines, Governor Salceda should look locally and ask Senators like Enrile for assistance. If members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) who receive less income than our “distinguished” senators can sacrifice their Christmas bonuses and give it to typhoon Pablo victims, surely the senators can do the same thing with the money they received, money that is not even meant for personal use.

One can’t help but wonder if Senator Enrile even thought about helping out the victims of the typhoon or any of our kababayans in need while he was “realigning” the “savings” in the senate budget. They could be far from his mind considering he is too preoccupied with the thought that someone could be plotting his ouster as Senate President. Some are thinking that by giving monetary gifts courtesy of the people’s money to the Senators, he is ensuring that he can stay as the presiding officer at least until the senatorial election is over. It appears he really does want to stick around as long as possible or until his son is voted in the senate.

Senator Enrile has been the Presiding Officer since 2008. It’s really quite annoying to think that he still gets insecure about being ousted. Come to think of it, Enrile could be one of the reasons why the Philippines remain a basketcase. He has been in politics for so long but the country hasn’t changed. Yes, the seasoned politician has not made a difference to the country at all. He’s just there going with the flow wherever the wind blows while holding on tightly to his seat. Somebody ought to knock him down to shake things up a bit.


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Jevaux A. Gallardo

He, in my own point of view, despite the fact that this may seem so harsh, deserves a brutal cessation of life.


Henry Walowitz

in time, guys like him will phase out and hopefully the new ones would bring the change we needed for a better Philippines.

Enrile and his ilk represent all that is wrong with the political system and why the country has not progressed, but actually fallen behind all other countries. Corrupt, self-serving, and a barrier to change. His longevity only reflects his lack of principles and readiness to bend to anyone in power. He will certainly not be missed, and lets hope his workshy thug of a son is not elected. We need to raise standards not lower them. We also need to stop senators getting 40 million pesos a year for nothing. Lito lapid and others are not worth 40 pesos. 2.2… Read more »

Dog bites man; that’s not news.

Man bites dog; that’s news.

Hyden Toro

Hey, Dude and Dudettes. It is not Enrile’s personal money. It is fun to give other people’s money away. His money is safe in foreign bank accounts. Enrile is a political opportunist.

RF Garcia

Ilda the seasoned politician(and lawyer) did make a difference to the country after all. Did’nt he make the senate a kangaroo court so that the public can never ever again believe in any decision of the senatongs(except for a few) as long as Enrile presides over that once respected group?

Where is the Department of Audit on all of this? Talk about a useless bunch of do-nothing bureaucrats. This is not the first time Santiago has shown herself to be a hypocrite. She has the audacity to complain about practices that have been in place for years but she herself has done nothing to deter them. And what did she do with the PhP 250,000 she received? Will she turn it over to the Treasury? Enrile’s response to criticism is a deflection. Rather than address the accusation head on he turns it back on his accusers by stating, “I can… Read more »


fill in the blank,here:_______________________.

Philippine politics is a small and incestuous society where gossip rules and everybody knows everything, including the political media – so those promoting transparency and accountability in public but not exposing the reality are also guilty. Even santiago knows where the bodies are buried but had said nothing until now about the national scandal of senator/congress pay and perks, offshore accounts etc. Its time this secret society of criminals were exposed for what they are and the scale of their theft of taxpayers money highlighted. Maybe that would stir the voters to think beyond electing personalities and trapos who do… Read more »

If I recall, I once read a comment on FB on a friend who works at the Senate, that apart from the usual bonuses they receive (the 5k from PNoy, the 25k CNA), they are to receive 97k from the Senate’s Fund, just because Enrile is very galante.

what we should do is to strongly voice out our disgust in the same manner when we were protesting erap’s corrupt presidency. we were all united then – the academe, the civil society, and the church. remember there were several schools which voiced out their respective disgust through the pages of major dailies? it’s time again to voice out our outrage! sinuswerte na ang mga lawmakers/politicos dito. there’s a constitutional provision calling for congress to enact an anti-dynasty law pero hindi naman ginagawa! yung FOI bill binabale wala! they call themselves people’s representatives but they ignore our clamor. it’s now… Read more »

Bill passed today for government funds(taxpayers money) to subsidise political parties!!

No time for FoI etc but this new scam is incredible, and without any media comment or public debate.

Wake up philippines


I’m wondering who’s behind of this exposé? and its obvious another exposure to Enrile’s son senatorial campaign 🙂 whether its good or not, exposure is exposure and it will give credit to his son…


one up to miriam.
unfortunately she ploughs a lone path so gains no support and her bills get no traction/support – for obvious reasons.
i dont think UNA would make this one of their battle cries – enrile, estrada, binay. corrupt, corrupter, and corruptest.
and therein lies the rub.
the alternative is actually more of the same


” He’s just there going with the flow wherever the wind blows while holding on tightly to his seat. Somebody ought to knock him down to shake things up a bit.” Exactly, Ilda.

Enrile, the archetypal Filipino TRAPO, should be put to pasture already. What has Cagayan, his province, to show for all the decades he has been in government? Port Irene?? LOL! As for Enrile fils, the “ghosts” of miscues past will surely haunt him.

Quick, someone call Juan “the lucky punch” Marquez!

enrile likes to try and show his arrogance and superiority. as one of his superiors – intellectually, financially, and morally – then he should both bow down and bow out. we do not need such low-life. fortunately his time on this earth is very limited so let the old man live in his deluded state. his betters also know better. sad and pathetic end to a life of self-interest and intrigue, rather than serving the country. no tears will be shed as another obstacle to progress disappears into oblivion, leaving behind a legacy of corruption and human rights abuses and… Read more »
Thomas Jefferson

I will say it again… corruption is still systemic in the Republic of the Philippines and the worst is yet to come.

Ma. Lourdes Cruz

CHIZ ESCODERO, based on recent polls, would most likely be re-elected. He should be monitored closely (translation: don’t vote for him!). He is the most vocal senator in defending Enrile. He is saying that what Enrile did is completely legal.

It is beyond me, how the electorate can vote for someone who condones corruption in the government

Geri Escalderon

This is really sad… My wife is a teacher and she only received 5000 PHP as pampalubag loob for working so hard same to all TEACHERS nationwide. This SENATORS received HUNDRED of THOUSAND of PESOS and some received MILLIONS as BONUS and yet they are not happy with what they have and still voicing out their frustrations. HOW MUCH DO THEY NEED OR THINK THEY DESERVED?!!!

Jayson Bautista

Guys, all senators are entitled to received bonus equally because all of them do their job and I am very disappoint to Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile what he had done to the 4 senators. Why it just 4 senators only just received 250K? This must be audit or he is manipulating senate for his own interest.