continues its tradition as the ONLY Real Deal in Philippine Media in 2013!

Victim mentalities. It is the dysfunctional mindset underlying the empty rhetoric of “change” that so-called “activists” espouse while consistently failing to grasp the irony in doing so. The currency of this activist rhetoric is “the poor”. The entire activist rhetoric is premised on the notion of “the poor” necessarily being in the losing end of so-called “unholy alliances” between the powers-that-be — the oligarchs, the politicians, the religious officialdom, and Big Corporate.

juan_tamadBut stop and think about what has become an established paradigm amongst the chattering classes for a moment. Then think laterally from that position and behold: The poor also have “unholy alliances” with politicians and religious leaders. That alliance is in plain sight — specially in the Philippines, a country all but shaped by the tyranny of the masses. The Philippines is a “democracy” where the popular sentiment rules; where squatting is rampant, where filthy antiquated public utility vehicles lord over the roads with deadly impunity, and where unqualified and stupid politicians get elected to office. What we see today is the emergent overall outcome of decades of pandering to the whims of the majority “people.”

This is supposedly a nation held hostage by the rich and powerful elite the activists say. But imagine what more, a Philippines changed into the ideal state that the masses and their activists aspire to. It is not difficult to imagine a state built upon the principles favoured by the inherently unskilled, talentless, oppressed, and opporunity-starved majority people that activists objectify in their ideologies. It will be a state where resources are doled out “fairly”, where exceptional people are cut down to size, and where all people are winners.

But there is no such thing as good intentions — only personal interests. The rich want to keep the status quo becuase that is the environment within which they acquired their wealth and power. The poor, supposedly espousing an antithesis to that keep harping about “change”. Yet if you look underneath that rhetoric you will find that they too benefit from the status quo. This is because a state where the poor have political power is necessarily one that is unable to distribute wealth evenly. It is only a state that exercises absolute control where wealth is doled out “fairly” as a matter of policy. In principle, that is.

And that is why theocracies are always so appealing to the poor and ignorant. The Roman Catholic Church, that supposed “champion of the oppressed,” is by far, the single biggest beneficiary of status quos of all time. In every chapter in human history, the Church has stood in the way of change. The most recent exhibition of the consistent anti-change stance of the Catholic Church is in the battle for the implementation of legal population control in the Philippines. Because the most extremist interpretations of Catholic dogma — made fragile by the way it is administered from the top-down — is best propagated in a teeming human cesspool of ignorant believers, the Church has always been against making knowledge accessible and making options available. A perception of lack of choice has always been the glue that bonded people to dogma.

In short, you really can’t win if your goal is to see an ideal happen by design. Nations are shaped from the bottom-up no matter how much we latch on to the notion that leaders matter and that being led by “the best” of them will be our salvation.

The whole idea of a society of winners — a place known above all for its best — leads with surprising speed to a narrow pyramidal social structure. And then to division and widespread passivity. That in turn leads to false populism and mediocrity; to a world obssessed by bread and circuses, Heroes, and the need for leadership.

That’s John Ralston Saul in his book On Equilibrium.

This is me:

Great nations were not built on good intentions. They were built on business sense. Real change in Pinoy society will never be achieved through the “sacrifice” of altruistic “heroes”. True change will be driven by people who find no shame in expecting a buck for their trouble.

We’re the real deal. Happy New Year!

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What you wrote here is true. If we want the country to move forward, we must recognize that there is no free lunch.

Every one who contributes to our country’s progress must be paid well. Otherwise, there would be no incentive for the best minds to stay here and help our nation.

Paul Farol

Someone’s going to lay an egg… for sure.


some professionals eschew the pursuit of riches and instead give back by training others, or bein mentors. some volunteers go to the hinterlands to educate and train. surely these people are useful too in improving our country. just as useful as those motivated by cash.

to author: would grp be a better blog if it were motivated by the buck or by a genuine desire to effect change?


Good point on the poor and “unholy alliances”. It seems everyone is trying to get on the bandwagon. As soon as people in a “democracy” figure out that they can vote money for themselves there seems to be no end and that applies to rich and poor alike. Unfortunately, someone at some point has to “foot the bill”.


For me, does a buck mean only money? It can also mean returns. And returns aren’t always money… it can mean results.


Communities are shaped bottom-up. Nations are shaped top-down.

Hyden Toro

I don’t argue about religion. What you believe is your own business. The Roman Catholic Church should be reminded of what Jesus stated about the separation of the Church and State: ” Render unto Caesar, things that are of Caesar’s. And unto your God , things that are of your God”. This is hard to decide for Church leaders. The Roman Catholic Church participated in the support of Jewish Holocaust in Nazi Germany. So, it’s very hard to decide, if you can see the thin Red line of separation. Nothing will change in our country. Until, we all change…

GRP is a blog about politics in the Philippines,AGREED. There are no independent media covering politics in the country and that is just the nature of the beast,OR the beauty of it? I do not see anything positive ever written in GRP about the Aquino administration. Surely it has done something right? For example,while most of the people in the country wanted that crook, that screwed the workers at PAL for a big pay-day, ousted from the SC. But GRP was actually defending the creep. An obvious criminal, the guy went before the filippines Senate and said he would answer… Read more »

Now, I dont see what islandhottie is getting at. I cannot even understand why she is even here in this site at all.


if you dont agree with anything in this site, why do you even waste your time here? For sure you have much more important things to do than get emo over comments posted here.


back to the topic sorry the fanboys keep distracting me. benigno’s sayin if we all worked toward our personal interests our country’s progress would be a necessary and beneficial side effect, theres no room for “altruistic heroes”. and yet he is wanting to be a hero by spendin time and resources on this site to herald change. what is the deal with this? (fanboys opinion not needed)

@benign0 “And that is why theocracies are always so appealing to the poor and ignorant.” So you have a data that theocracies always so appealing to the poor and ignorant? But then, you’re not claiming that majority of the believers are poor and ignorant, or are you? And for the low-information readers, it might look like you’re credibly claiming that majority of the believers are poor and ignorant. “The Roman Catholic Church, that supposed “champion of the oppressed,” is by far, the single biggest beneficiary of status quos of all time.” The operative word is “supposed” heh Benigs. Playing it… Read more »

“The interest of [businessmen and politicians] is always in some respects different from, and even opposite to, that of the public.
The proposal of any new law or regulation which comes from this group ought never to be adopted, till after having been long and carefully examined with the most suspicious attention. It comes from an order of men who have generally an interest to deceive and even oppress the
― Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations -1776


“They also threatened politicians with excommunication and wielded their power to influence the vote.”

As if your telling me that atheist can sue the Catholics for claiming they will go to hell when they die.

To influence the vote? When was it?

Magaling kang magisip ng multo!!!


hey trosp why did the catholic church cover up the crimes of pedophile priests?


“…the Catholic Talibans in our midst.”

Amen to that. 😉


Ahhh…evolution does takes place.


@ atoldyouso

What do you mean? Are you implying that from this primordial soup base that is GRP, sooner or later a single-celled organism like Trosp here will evolve and eventually leave in search of a more advance environment?

How dare you….hehehehe


Para kay Trosp, walang mali sa “Trosp and I, the two of us, will both be singing a duet…..together.” Hardeeharhar!!!!

The blog post reflects about the realism of Philippine society. The separation of state and church is still keep going on though this must not be exist since it was already be reformed after the Spanish regime in the Philippines. I thought the democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people as Lincoln once quoted. His words of wisdom doesn’t mean a lot of applying in real political scenario. It’s just been taken for granted. Just a theory from the pretentious and hypocritical mind of the “superior” people. Political dynasty must be controlled. It’s… Read more »

Aside from the victim mentality, most of the masses are also defensive and emotional. Criticize them for a job NOT well done and they will skulk and brood like a prima dona and hate you for life.