‘Amalayer’ girl Paula Jamie Salvosa should have Tagaloged when she Englished

Perhaps Paula Jamie Salvosa, a.k.a. the Amalayer lady had a bad day and navigating the steaming chaos of one of the LRT stations in Manila’s train system is not exactly the best cure for a shitty day. But I can’t help but think back to how the Japanese, in their direst days following that really big earthquake and tsunami last year that leveled entire coastal cities there, remained the same reserved and composed people that they are.

So while I agree that many Netizens may have jumped at the chance to perhaps unfairly judge Salvosa based on a seconds-long video of her loudly berating a security guard at an LRT station, the fact is that between her and the security guard she was the noisy one. Many of us get judged on the basis of unintentionally noisy bodily functions — a loud fart or burp, continuous uncontrollable coughing, snoring, or a big splashing sound in a toilet cubicle. Life’s not fair. Having a bad day and a bad experience may be an excuse for a loud tirade, but you will be judged as the bad guy if the people around you maintained the presence of mind to remain hushed.

Goes to show there is never a wrong time to exhibit good manners. An inclination to err on the side of reservation, I believe, is the foundation of good manners. When you are raised well and bred well, that inclination is second-nature. For some of us unfortunate enough to have been raised on the other side of the tracks, maybe it can be learned. To the bottom-feeders, on the other hand, reservation is an alien concept.

Paula Jamie “Amalayer” Salvosa was entitled to a loud protest if, in fact, she was handled roughly by the security guard as she alleged in an interview

“Tapos, ito ‘yon, hinablot niya ako sa left arm ko and I don’t know kung makikita pa rin siya but I have a bruise to prove that. Medyo malabo lang siya but I have [a bruise]. Grinab niya ako. Doon pumitik, doon ako nag-snap kasi grinab niya nga ako,” she said.

But to carry on a tirade for what it seemed to me to be another ten seconds or so was what I think did her in and turned the jury’s sympathy towards the security guard. Tough shit, right? Well, we can’t have our trendy 21st Century digital lives and eat it too. Every new thing is a double-edged sword and we all never quite know when these swords will swing along a path that crosses with our necks.

The best defense is a shiny armor, in the form of good breeding, good manners, and a healthily low level of self-importance. We are, after all, a nation of 100 million. No one of us is really that important in the bigger scheme of things to be spared the harsh scrutiny of our judgmental society. So Ms Salvosa, though you could be spending the next several weeks (or even perhaps the rest of your life) gnashing your teeth about how “unfairly” you are being treated online or how much you are a victim of “cyber-bullying”, there may be some chance that you’d pick up the only real lesson from this experience:

Choose the occasions to exhibit your English language skills wisely.

As boss Benign0 say

Whatever. The point is, composure under duress is what separates rare class from common crass.

Have a nice life! 🙂


Post Author: Kate Natividad

Frustrated artist doing geek for a living.

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I love your article! 🙂


I am with Ms. Salvosa on this one. Security personnel should be trained to do their job without physical contact. Nobody is allowed to invade one’s personal space without permission and Ms. Salvosa is within her right to protest and protest loudly.


Ahh, a breath of fresh air. I’m comparing this to the other articles I’ve been reading lately.

Well written and worth reading.

I agree, in that you just don’t go railing on someone in public like that. The Hulk will always be seen as the bad guy when compared to the dude that’s just standing there, seemingly doing nothing.

Bill Steffen
I don’t know Kate. Did Ms. Salvosa break any law? It may be that I am American and see this differently. If she was breaking no law the guard had no business touching her. There is freedom of speech, whether you like it or not, but no person has the right to lay hands on you. I have been here awhile now and it seems to me some of these Security Guards think that they have more authority than they really do. Notice the word “some”. I have seen them intimidate folks here for no apparent reason other than they… Read more »

Great article and a great message for us all!


As always, a very witty but insightful article.


Even in worst-case-scenario, one must not display his/her selfishness… I think the main concern here is the security. As we all know, security guards are hired to make sure our life is secured. It only goes to show, that some of us (barely some of us) does not show respect on others.

boy bawang

La Consolacion should expel Paula from the school and she should go to jail!!


hwag mong ipagwadwarang may “PINAG ARALAN” ka dahil hindi mo naipakita… yes she has her reasons but the main issue here is what made here above ang beyond the lady guard just because “MAY PINAGARALAN” sya. the transport sector has lapses, the lady guard has her own issues, and we all have issues when it comes to personal space and being handled. educated and humble is definitely what shes not.

Johnny Saint


Every politician and religious leader wants us to practice “humility” and “contrition.” That way there will be fewer independent thinkers to question authority. Especially when it is misguided.

Does anyone out there have any information about the incident as to why Ms Salvosa reacted with such histrionics?

Yummy Dinuguan

Huh, so this is just Carabuena, Girl version then. That’s the problem with video cameras, they can take things out of context. If anything, the main reason why she’s treated like that is because she got caught on camera.

Paul Farol (@paulfarol)

Great post. 🙂

Paul Farol (@paulfarol)

Although, let me say, that it’s always best to avoid hysterics and fast forward to: “Who’s your supervisor? I want to talk to him or her now.”

And then, file the necessary complaint.

If that doesn’t work, sue ’em.

Kaye S.
In my opinion, Ms. Salvosa should have remained calm and just talk to the head of the security or the management to complain about the security, by doing so, she would have avoided being videotaped and judged, humiliated, and laughed at. Being students, we must know that it is important to be on our best behavior even when no one is looking at us, and this doesn’t exclude her. My teacher once told me that 90% of the things that are happen to us (good or bad) are not in our control (uncontrollable), BUT the remaining 10% is how we… Read more »
charles e. montez

nangyari din sa akin noon sa NAIA terminal 2, pauwi ako ng provincia, ng papasok ako sa office ng airline meron lady guard sa entrance sabi sa akin “oi tatang”, nabigla ako dahil bata pa naman ako eh, pero tuloy pa rin ako sa loob at sinabihan ko ang isang security na nakasalubong ko na pagsabihan nila yong lady guard na walang galang, dahil kasama sa trabaho nila yong pag-galang sa mga pasahero…


Paula Salvosa has been unfairly treated with this video. I’m sure we’ve all had incidents when a power-tripping guard tried to step all over us just to feel important. If my arm was grabbed maliciously by anyone, I would probably react negatively as well.

Paula’s candor would be admirable in another context. Filipinos has become like sheep, just accepting crappy service and abuse all the time.


Don’t you hate it when guards at establishments touch you for inspection before entering?

It’s the worst form of invasion of privacy.


@ Kate N.

Who cares if it’s a no brainer of a subject. Can you blame ABS-CBN for covering nonsense? I think you’re learning how to create website traffic. Good job!

john salve

if u dont want to get checked dont go to any istablishment or any transport area were you haved to be checked…no one forced you to go there anyways…ur all retard here …shame on you blaming security personnel for doing their job…!!! Do your part…and obey security rules!!!

Michael Kay Lozada

Allow me to comment on the article with the issue aside. Good points Kate! Yours is an article with ideas presented well and in a neutral manner. You let your readers see it in a different light. Digging more down deep into the points and not just the headlines.
May you be always inspired to write forever!