How the media management regime of the Aquino Government mirrors that of Nazi Germany

Go figure. Certain media outlets like, and its cadre of “online journalists”, for example, seem to have first crack at “reporting” stories about administration “achievements”. The biggest media conglomerate in the country, biggest broadsheet and online news site, and the most popular mass entertainers all seem to exhibit a palpable bias towards the Yellow ideology of the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan in the way they deliver their content and “craft”. Even erstwhile respected foreign publications like BusinessWeek now seem to be part of this propaganda infrastructure.

Not surprisingly, the way media and information dissemination is organised commercially and bureaucratically in the Philippines seems to now closely parallel that of the National Socialist (Nazi) regime of German dictator Adolf Hitler in the 1930s and 1940s. This uncanny parallel can be best appreciated by checking out the following excerpt from the book Age of Propaganda (Pratkanis and Aronson, W.H. Freeman & Co. 2001)…

Having learned from the Allied efforts in World War I the value of an organization capable of coordinating and delivering effective propaganda, Hitler established an apparatus of his own. This orgaization was privy to all the dealings of the Reich and had the responsibility of selling the government’s actions to the masses. To head up this organization, Hitler selected as his Minister of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, the son of a lower-middle-class Catholic family from a small town in the Rhineland. Goebbels served as minister of propaganda from the time the Nazis came to power in 1933 until he committed suicide (after first poisoning his six children) near the end of the war. To get a flavor of what Nazi propaganda was really like, let’s look at a few of the persuasion tactics used.

One of the first, and most important, tasks of the Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda was to gain control of the mass media and to attract the attention of the masses. In the United States, Hitler and Goebbels hired public relations firms in an attempt to secure favorable press coverage of the regime. In Germany, Nazis controlled journalists and filmmakers through a mixture of punishments and rewards […]. The Nazi regime made certain that it was the primary source of news and easily accessible to certain journalists. This treatment was extended to include foreign correspondents thus putting U.S. reporters in a quandary: Report news unfavorable to Nazi Germany (such as the treatment of Jews) and be expelled or sanitize the news and be able to continue reporting.

The Nazis gained the attention of the masses by making their propaganda entertaining. For example, Nazi posters used eye-catching graphics such as bold print and slashing, violent lines as well as attention-getting headlines. Radio news programs were often packaged as entertainment, featuring famous singers and celebrities. The 1936 Olympics, which were held in Berlin, were used as a vehicle to promote the image of a strong “Aryan” nation and to build the self-esteem of the German people. During the Olympic games, foreign correspondents were treated like royalty and given tours of the “successes” of the regime; as a result, many U.S. journalists filed stories stating that previous reports of attacks on Jews were either unfounded or greatly exaggerated. With such complete control of the press, radio, theater, cinema, music, and the arts, the essential themes of the Nazi party were repeated and repeated.

[Photo courtesy My Calbayog Diary.]

Coming back to the Philippines, much of the traditional media complex of the country is already under the control of oligarchs who owe much to the Aquino-Cojuangco dynasty. Even long before the 2009-2010 presidential campaign of current president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III, the foundation for the awesome propaganda infrastructure of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan had already been lain. When the dust cleared in the aftermath of the 1986 “People Power” Edsa “Revolution”, the embryos of what are now two of the largest media outlets in the country — the monolithic ABS-CBN Network and the Aquino family newsletter, the Philippine Daily Inquirer — stood tall as “heroes” and went on to become the biggest beneficiaries of this “revolution”. Its owners continue laughing all the way to the bank — not a bad deal in exchange for the small utang-ng-loob (debt of gratitude) they owe to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan.

The only greenfield left for the propaganda machine of the Yellow Mob to take control of was social media. Interestingly enough, as the battle for the ouster of then Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona loomed in the horizon in late 2011 and early 2012, popped up out of nowhere pitching itself as a “social news network”, a concept that even Rappler “thought leaders” fail to convincingly define clearly to this day.

As expected, as soon as the site was plugged and humming, Rappler “online journalist” Marites Vitug fired one of the opening salvos on the Opposition when she trumped-up what was then the controversial issue of Corona’s being granted a doctorate degree by the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in a “report” she published on the self-described “social news network” site. Vitug’s rather revealing overzealousness in what turned out, on closer scrutiny, to be sloppy investigative reporting on her part all but brought to light the question of who the financial backers of this new “social news network” could be — a piece of crucial information that, as far as we know, has so far been silent about.

The rest, as we know now, is history.


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Some people claim that GRP is negative? For what? Not taking what the administration and their ideological allies at face value?? Some politicians know that they are insulting people with intelligence and discretion in order to “reach” the masses. The current administration though is not even self aware to make that concession. They really think they are competent enough to have the whole nation eating out of their hand. To quote the Who “We’re not gonna take it, never did and never will”. The President of 95 million is supposed to be among the brightest and the best. Not only… Read more »
Elwe Thingol

So true,

Care to divulge the other similarities between Nazis and Yellows?

For example, festooning the swastika / yellow ribbon on everything even in funerals.

“Consecrating” all those who swear before him as pure despite having served the so-called unlamented GMA regime”


Der Fuhrer
Here is another look with a twist from the 10 most evil propaganda techniques used by the Nazis: 1.”Using symbolic imagery.” The Yellow Ribbon, Posters, Photo-Ops, Videos, Billboards, Relief Goods Epal, heroism and sainthood etc. 2.”Scapegoating of minorities.” Blame the Informal settlers for the flooding, the People of Mindanao for the Blackouts, the Intellectuals and Free Thinkers for their Criticism, etc. 3.”Controlling Mass Media.” Secure cooperation from friendly yellow members of the press and radio/TV broadcast companies and the internet. Create a central communications a.k.a. propaganda group with malware attack capability. Buy a.k.a. bribe thru handsome pay envelopes media people… Read more »

the only difference though is that HITLER is an efficient leader…


ABS CBN and PDI were returned to the rightful owners because it was stolen from them by Marcos.


dont rank rappler below idiots because they are veteran journalists.


We cant mirror Aquino Government to Nazi. The current administration is a peaceful one since no blood shed during EDSA 1. It gave us freedom with the leadership of Cory. Unlike Nazi which are dictated, controlled and warfreak.

RF Garcia

Aha Fishball our Goebbel’s recruit is back with wrong grammar and irrelevant comment to boot. The real issue is not who owns and call the shots in the current media propaganda outlets and how they are manipulating and brainwashing the gullible Filipinos.


kahit na ano pa ang paninira mo, ang presidente ay patuloy pa rin sa masipag nyang pagtatrabaho para sa ikauunlad ng Pilipinas na sinira ng nkaraang administrasyon.


” Rappler , The Social News Network.
journalism that inspires
smart conversation and
a thirst for change. ”

They are working as independent unlike your worthless declaration.

Hyden Toro

It’s a very sad part of Human History…Six million people perished in the Nazi Germany’s concentration camps. They include: Jews; German political opponents; Disabled and Retarded Germans; Ethnic minorities, etc…The Aquino regime is following the tactics, and steps of Nazi’s Geobbels…
The concentration camp was in the middle of the Town of Dachau, Germany. The stink of rotting bodies was ten(10) miles away around the Town. Yet, people were afraid to complain.
They just said: “Howl with the Wolves!!!”. We must not let it happen again…


The current administration stands with democracy, that is, everything goes through a process and everyone can live their own way.

How many millions perished under Noynoy? Are there concentration camps in the Phil.? How ’bout political prisoners, are there any? The comparison between Noynoy and Hitler is really mind-boggling. Where is the common sense? WHERE IS THE CRITICAL THINKING THE “GET REAL” ARE SO PARTICULAR OF? How can so many people be so crazy at the same time? How can people be so cruel and so vicious to only think of bad things against other people? How can one go through the motion and just follow the trend without thinking of the moral implication of their action? The German people… Read more »
Daido Katsumi
I’m sure someone will get mad at me when I post this: According to the authored book of Mr. Ceclio Arillo, “Greed and Betrayal” Cory Aquino governed like a dictator, worse than Marcos. Cory Aquino’s spending appetite might have been buried by her propagandist, including most of the media or journalist idolaters. Massacred picketers of Hacienda Luisita Farmers 1987 (Marcos never did anything like it) victims, no justice to these days. One Term Cory Aquino spent 1.6 trillion, while Marcos as leader for 20-21 years spent 484 billion pesos. Killed journalist under Aquino,34, under Marcos for 20 years, 32. Sickening… Read more »
Domingo Arong
Benign0: The “uncanny parallel” in propaganda methods can also be gleaned from Hitler’s own book, Mein Kamph (My Struggle or My Battle), published 1925; and this can be found in Chapter VI, aptly titled — “War Propaganda.” Following are some lines — “To whom should propaganda be made to appeal? To the educated intellectual classes? Or to the less intellectual? “Propaganda must always address itself to the broad masses of the people.” Then, this: “The aim of propaganda is not to try to pass judgment on conflicting rights, giving each its due, but exclusively to emphasize the right which we… Read more »

I feel like Godwin’s Law is being invoked here but yeah, this is a pretty accurate piece on the nexus between propaganda and political power, which is also mirrored in the local/provincial scenes. In our province our governor built his “charming” radio station a couple of years ago. Then his main political rival with boatloads of cash built another “golden” FM station. The latter FM station is pushing their warlord sponsor’s anti-admin propaganda.

Der Fuhrer

jona-s just doesn’t see it. We are not against a democratic government per se. The way I figure it most of the GRP peeps are against BSA, his subtle dictatorship and his administration that is consolidating manipulation and control of people and institutions through Nazi style propaganda.


I’m not sure what this amounts to.

The success of the methods initiated by Dr Josef Goebbels on behalf of the Nazi party in Germany – which can be summed up as “sugar the pill” – have resulted in his methods being widely copied everywhere.

So what?