The final solution to Pinoy stupidity

Die Endlösung der Pinoy Dummheit. Is it just me, or does everything sound just that much more intimidating, menacing, or daunting in German? For those who don’t get the reference, the Nazis dubbed the plan of systematic execution of the Jews the final solution to the Jewish question – “die Endlösung der Judenfrage”.

Right from the start, let’s be honest with ourselves: this “final solution” is not set in stone, nor is it formally codified – yet. If it were, people with critical opinions and alternative voice bloggers like GRP, Anti-Pinoy and others would have already been tried for genocide in a Noytard kangaroo court.

Let’s make a clear distinction here between Pinoy and Filipino. When we say Pinoy, this is the lazy, stupid, arrogant, hypersensitive, and apathetic whiner that we have all come to know and despise. The Pinoy responds with emotion. He/she thinks that President Noynoy Aquino is god and blindly accepts as gospel truth everything that comes out of his mouth. He/she jumps on bandwagons and is highly susceptible to the herd mentality. He/she regards Wil Time Bigtime as an educational show. His/her idea of a long-term investment is buying a lottery ticket every time there’s a scheduled lottery draw, or lining up in the morning in front of a TV studio hoping to qualify for a noontime show audience and bring home money.

“I think of a man, and I take away reason, and accountability.” Jack Nicholson in the movie “As Good As It Gets” may as well have been describing Pinoys with that line.

The Filipino, on the other hand, is the entity who has learned to use his brain. He/she is critical of the wrong things his/her government does. He/she dares to be more than Pinoy society is relegating him/her to be. He/she thinks rationally, unlike the Pinoy who is by default emotionally driven. He/she has learned to plan for the future by making sure he/she does not repeat the mistakes of the past. He/she has realized that the dysfunctional side of Filipino culture needs to change.

While I am not advocating that we round up all the morons in the Philippines and place them in concentration camps, the stupid Pinoy has to “die” so that the Filipino may live. The Filipino needs Lebensraum (habitat, or breathing room) in order to prosper. Imagine if we got rid of all the Pinoys; out of 90-100 million people, how many would be left?

We need to take note of a few big differences though: the Jews were conveniently blamed and used as scapegoats for the economic conditions at that time. The Pinoy, on the other hand, is the cause of his/her own social, economic, and political malaise that he/she is currently experiencing and living in. The Jews were persecuted because the National Socialists, with Adolf Hitler at the helm, convinced the Germans to believe that their weathering of the Great Depression meant that they were stealing from the Germans. The Pinoys think that they are always being persecuted because it is in their reflex to play the victim card every time something unfortunate happens to them. On top of that, they were convinced by a group of oligarchs that their own political enemies are the real reasons why Pinoys haven’t progressed an inch in more than two (2) decades.

That brings us to the biggest challenges in exterminating Pinoy stupidity. Pinoys are like cockroaches. There are so many of them that even if you can bring the largest boot you can find to step on them, you won’t get rid of them all. For every one you kill off, two, three, or even more will grow in its place. Most of them just keep escaping. I don’t think gassing them will work either; Pinoys are so used to inhaling toxic substances that any nerve toxin won’t most likely be as potent as we wish it to be. Besides, Pinoys are so full of laughing gas; they are known to laugh at their troubles, they think life is just one big joke, they don’t plan for the serious matters in life, and all they want to do is party. Hard labor? Forget it; the Pinoy is such an irritating whiner that it’s much easier, and more tempting, to shoot him/her than convince him/her that being compliant with regulations is much more beneficial to them in the long run.

Pinoys are resilient all right. Resiliently mediocre. Are you thinking about being frank with a Pinoy? Remember, they’re balat-sibuyas (hypersensitive) cry-babies. That irritating sobbing sound that you will hear will drown out any attempts you may have of talking rationally to him/her, and it gives them a reason to be indignant. Being nice to them won’t work either. With all their arrogance, many Pinoys regard the niceness of other people as something to be taken advantage of, or as a weakness. We need something that will break through the thick skull of the Pinoy in order to get our points across. We need a weapon.

“Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom is it aimed” – for all the atrocities that Joseph Stalin was known for, at least he got that quote right. As of now, education is the best solution we have against stupidity. People must be encouraged to read more. Where are more Efren Peñafloridas when they matter and are needed now, more than ever? They need to realize for themselves that their usual sources of information, ABS-CBN, Philippine Daily Inquirer, et al, are not the only ones available out there. The Internet and the library are great examples of places to find credible sources. Pinoys must be torn away from their Willing Willie shows and telenovelas. They need to learn for themselves that there is a world beyond dancing girls on TV, the rich vs poor conflict, and on publications making fun of its allies’ political enemies. And this is where sites like GRP are more than happy to help. You just need an open mind and to check your hypersensitivity at the door because we get very in-your-face here.

Let’s relate this to current events. Two words: Jessica Sanchez. Pinoys are once again hopelessly addicted to an American Idol contestant who is supposedly half-Filipina (not even whole, half), and propping her up and putting her on a pedestal as if she is the solution to all their problems in life. While this girl has talent, why she should be used as yet another symbol of empty and stupid Pinoy pride is beyond me.

Is the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona really going to be the cure-all for corruption that PNoy and his government have been touting it to be? Only time will tell, but with the way that PNoy and the Senate have been posturing lately, it seems that the only thing they’re more interested in now is to keep themselves in the picture for the 2013 elections next year, and beyond.

Unfortunately, the trial has been shaped once again by PNoy and his media friends, who act like a megaphone by the way, to condition the public into believing that this is a fight of good against evil. Of course, PNoy is good and Corona is evil. Naturally, the Pinoys lapped it up like dogs.

The Philippines seems inevitably headed for an armed confrontation with China over the disputed Scarborough Shoal. The Pinoys, supported by their Dummführer (stupid leader) Noynoy Aquino, are protesting loudly like mad dogs in the hope that China will bow down to pressure from everyone else in the international community. First off, China has a reputation for not listening to foreigners, and for silencing noisy dissenters effectively. Second, they have clearly shown that any military force we have, they can easily counter with a lot less effort. Third, we cannot rely on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to save us because it doesn’t cover territorial disputes.

If it perhaps gets to the point that China just decides to bomb the Philippines to smithereens, they’ll actually be helping us eliminate all the stupid people here. Unfortunately, a good portion of Filipinos will be caught in the crossfire too. So this is a scenario that we absolutely must try to avoid. Of course, Pinoys don’t see it that way.

Maybe we need a peace offering to China. Send Noynoy Aquino on a slow boat, bound and gagged so that he can’t escape. Then tell the Chinese happy hunting.

Go ahead. Call me a bigot. Call me racist. I dare you to find even one sentence in this entire article, hell, even the entire site, that says that Filipinos are inferior to the rest of the world solely because it is their nature to be.

Are you part of the solution, or part of the problem? Are you a Pinoy or a Filipino? It’s up to you!


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А вы, друзья, как ни садитесь, все в музыканты не годитесь. - But you, my friends, however you sit, not all as musicians fit.

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А вы, друзья, как ни садитесь, все в музыканты не годитесь. - But you, my friends, however you sit, not all as musicians fit.

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Hm. Yup, I definitely agree that education should be our best weapon. But just recently, the customs office now adds tax (I’m not sure what it is we paid for, but it was ridiculously expensive) when it comes to claiming books. I don’t know how this came to pass when I remember a lot of us complained about it when pGMA’s people tried to do the same thing during her term. Anyway, I didn’t bother finding out what it was we paid for because I told my mom we could just order ebooks, which are cheaper. Still…not everyone can afford… Read more »

I think you’re not alone. “PInoy” rhymes with “unggoy” or is it Pilipinong unggoy short for “Pinoy”? Try to observe, the Indians or “bumbay” have been motorcycling around the Philippines for many, many years but they’ve never been in the news for stupidity and crushing their brains against a truck or a stationary object. And it’s funny when a special interest group is prefixed “Pinoy___” it makes me think that it’s just a congregation of monkeys with a dialect 😀


Nice one Fallen Angel! =)

Gregory Macaltao
I get the point of your article completely. In fact, I like the way you make a clear distinction between the “Filipino” (which is the good) and the “Pinoy”, which is the bad. While I may not have used “Pinoy” as the label for things which are bad, I appreciate your creative use of literary techniques to make your point. I think I also understand your motivation in writing this. While I cannot obviously say for sure what your motivations are (I can’t afterall read your mind), my evaluation of the “spirit” of your article tells me that you mean… Read more »
Every part of this article was making me laugh in a way that is humorous as well as unfortunate. You were spot on in your observations and sadly, this PINOY syndrome has been plaguing us for years. FILIPINOS, well most of them, end up shrugging their shoulders and giving up on the situation. The vast majority will always triumph. The minority have to cope with the consequences. For many Filipinos the consequences are too much to bear and so we find greener pastures elsewhere, hoping to be part of a minority in a different country and most often than not,… Read more »

spoken like a true vancouverite. sorry we can’t chill. we got to shake it up. the country is on life support (OFWs) in the ICU.

enjoy the sun..


The problem with GetRealPhilippines is that they are barking at the wrong tree. Leaders are voted by the people, yet they are lambasting the stupid leaders who are voted by 40% Filipinos drenched in poverty and probably won’t give a shit to what these authors/editors think. Do these leaders would even read to what you write?
If you want to make a difference, get your asses on the streets and teach them poor Filipinos ala CNN Hero of the Year @karitonkid which you have said yourself.
Gusto niyo kasi ibang tao ang gagawa ng mga sinasabi niyo. Mga gago!


Speaking of unggoys. You should read the Unggoys of the Halo Universe.

This is a very apt description of pinoys which halo used. This is also a very subtle criticisms about pinoy.


The impeachment of Corona intends to bide time for PNoy who clearly doesn’t have any idea how to lead this country.

ellah koh
The staggering 85% of citizenry belong to Pinoy (emotional type) category and they love it making noise everywhere from ABS-CBN UKG blogsites to major web media channels. Only less than 15% remain in the thinking (academic intellectual)group with more than half of this group consciously supporting stupid Pinoys in favor of their own extra business and/or political mileage at the expense of the unfortunate few (of us) who keep our sanity intact in the midst of the chaos. This very same ship that we are all in dire existence will definitely go down with everyone without exception whether one is… Read more »

I’ve been reading a lot of GRP’s articles and I have noticed that it has always been referencing Willie Revillame’s show and ABS-CBN. What about Eat Bulaga? It has been in the airwaves for more than 25 years and has been delivering the same garbage that Willie’s show has been producing. What about GMA7? It’s shows are not that different from ABS-CBN, which are a waste of time. Please enlighten me on this.

All of us have different opinions, and obviously all of us are Filipinos. We talk on different levels of intellect and to different audiences…why start arguing among ourselves? We belittle the lessons we learn. All the writers and contributors to the site are doing is opening up their observations and critiques to everyone who has the capability of accessing the web and who are willing to listen. We are all free to speak up our minds and no one is stopping us. As an observer and reader, I may agree or disagree with what was said or written, but don’t… Read more »

Why prolong the agony on a slow boat to China? Bundle him up and toss him into the fastest aircraft available. Any aircraft will do except Cebu Pacific cuz he might be off-loaded.


I don’t like the idea of segregating “Pinoys” from “Filipinos” (due to the fact the Filipinos were divided among ourselves, not to mention “regionalism”) but I do like the idea of Educating the “Pinoys” to think critically very much. 🙂

FallenAngel, Passionately written. I enjoyed reading it as much as digesting the points. I agree with all of them. 1. I’ve been seeing that comment on the Pinoy/Filipino difference on the GRP comment threads. Great play on expounding on the idea. 2. Good call to action, to be a Pinoy or Filipino. Strive to be better. Imagine if everyone does exactly that. 3. I loved how you used Penaflorida as an example. There ought to be more from him around. I hope not because of SMS voting competitions. Be the change that you want to see in the world. 😀… Read more »

[…] comments brianitus said FallenAngel, Passionately written. I enjoyed reading it as much as digesting the points….Mercury said I don’t like the idea of segregating “Pinoys” from […]


Well said, this article reminds me of a quote “Stupidity makes Perfect” and “Time is Gold”.:)

I might be asleep for a thousand years. Since when is a Pinoy different from a Filipino? Where did you get this new definitions of Pinoy? I’m a Flipino and calling me a Pinoy won’t embarrass me. The population of the Philippines is roughly 90 mil and according to you – “While I am not advocating that we round up all the morons in the Philippines and place them in concentration camps, the stupid Pinoy has to “die” so that the Filipino may live. The Filipino needs Lebensraum (habitat, or breathing room) in order to prosper. Imagine if we got… Read more »
Ron Aquino
“People, you are stupid, so I want you to change” seems to be the essence of this article. But I think it just won’t work. My question to the author is, do you think you are being part of the solution or part of the problem? I think if your intention for this and the many other similar articles on GRP is to earn money from the pageviews, ad-impressions, and click-throughs, then you are somewhat part of the solution. You are creating something. You are being entrepreneural. If your intention is to change people, I doubt you will find any… Read more »

Dear fallenangel,

I love it! Well done. In all aspects you have clearly difine our true situation.
I admire you for writing this.