Kaya Natin leader and Ateneo director Harvey Keh caught lying in Corona impeachment trial session

In yet another spectacular showcase of the flat learning curve of all who stand for that quintessentially Filipino oxymoron “civil society”, Manila Times “columnist” and Director of the Youth and Social Entrepreneurship Program of the Ateneo School of Government Harvey Keh was grilled to a crisp by various parties in the Senate Court in the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona yesterday. Earlier, Keh along with former Akbayan party list representative Risa Hontiveros and another person filed a “complaint” against Corona alleging that the chief magistrate possessed unexplained dollar-denominated bank accounts. The complaint, as it turned out, was based on unreliable sources with Keh, the smallest nobody among the three, ironically making the biggest song-and-dance about information about these accounts obtained from anonymous sources.

Suffice to say, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to whose office Keh had directly handed over these unverified documents was not amused. “I felt insulted and offended and I’m ordering you to show cause why you should not be cited for contempt,” Enrile told Harvey Keh. Keh was also caught lying about not informing the media in advance of his publicity stunt at Enrile’s office. Under questioning by Senator Judge Jinggoy Estrada, Keh admitted that he had been in touch with reporter “friends” from the broadsheet Inquirer.net and the tabloid Abante shortly after he had received the documents.

Apparently not having learned much from the experience, Keh tweeted the following shortly after the ordeal:

I can now proudly say that I survived the berating and admonishment of Sen. Miriam!

This was followed by tweets of support coming from the “civil society” dream team: “Salamat, @harveykeh, my fellow letter-writer & witness! Like u said, Walang iwanan”, tweeted by Risa Hontiveros; and, “Kaya natin’s Marisa lerias as she leads grace before meals as we regroup w harvey keh: thank u Lord for a wonderful day for kaya natin.” tweeted by Isabela Governor Grace Padaca who also later tweeted: “Tuloy lng grace kwawa bayan ntin pag sumuko ang mga ktulad natin,ksama nyo ako mali c harvey na 1000 lng kayò milyonmilyon tayo” (apparently a copy of a text message Padaca received; translated “Keep on going Grace. Pity our country if people like us give up. I am with you. Harvey is wrong that we just number 1,000. There are millions of us”).

I wonder if she meant there are millions of us liars

Speaking of Padaca, Rappler.com had earlier — tweeted by its “CEO” Maria Ressa an hour or two after yesterday’s trial session wrapped up — fielded what at the time was a breakingreport” on the sentiments of a tearful Padaca who along with former Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio had accompanied Keh to court.

In an interview after Keh’s testimony, Padaca could not help but break down in tears. She said she was angry with how senator-judges berated Keh for accepting and submitting to the Senate Corona’s alleged bank records even if he could not attest to their veracity.

Asked why she was crying, Padaca said, “Galit. Parang galit na galit sila sa anonymous. We have a country where ang justice, hindi ka makakalaban nang harapan. Ikaw na nga ang merong gustong ipaglaban, ikaw pa ang masama so what kind of a country do we have?” (Anger. It seems they are so angry with anonymous [sources]. We have a country where you can’t fight for justice face to face. You want to fight for truth but you get into trouble so what kind of a country do we have?)

And that is why we have those self-described “heroes” of the hapless Filipino — their Mainstream Media — to whom they can run to. Unfortunately it seems Keh, running around with his pants on fire, suddenly found in him some sense to be a bit embarrassed about getting in touch with his “friends” in this noble industry too soon. You can tell though what sort of priorities a “social news network” like Rappler applies in its reporting practice in the way this teleserye fodder of a report was rushed to press.

You gotta wonder how what on the surface seems to be a glossy, organised, star-studded, and well-funded “civil society” clique can so consistently get it so wrong more often than not. Perhaps it is because the usual suspects in this “community”; people like Harvey Keh, Risa Hontiveros, Maria Ressa, Leah Navarro, Jim Paredes, Raissa Robles, their army of anonymous brown envelope couriers and small ladies, and their vast fan base of starstruck ignoramuses rally around what small minds tend to fixate on: PEOPLE — specifically personalities.

What you are is the sum total of your history, your heritage and culture, your education, the crap that your press sensationalizes, the bad icons that your movies glorify, the artificial values your advertising extols, the bad examples your leaders and role models project. What you feed your country’s mind is what it becomes. You have become the ugly monster that you’ve created. You are now crying all the tears your sickeningly sentimental movies wailed out for years and years!


You are a nation of star-struck ignoramuses. You are easily awed by your movie stars who are usually nothing but uneducated, aquiline-nosed and light-skinned ******** picked up from some gutter somewhere. I have seen what these artistas illusionadas can get away with. They just flash their capped-tooth smiles and policemen let them get away with traffic violations; they bat their false eyelashes and customs officers impose no duty on their suspicious balikbayan boxes.

Consider that there is no one personality or set of characters nor physical edifice around which the tinier minority of thinking Filipinos rally around. That is because truly great minds rally around IDEAS.

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Bill Steffen
Amazing! You know I stick this stuff on my FB and my friends in America think I am joking and ask me if this is really going on! We used to think our country was full of whackos but now they say that it is this country cause we couldn’t even dream stuff like this can go on!
sitting pretty

It’s mind-boggling how Mr. Keh can even say he stood his ground against Senators Santiago and Estrada. He bowed his head and said he was sorry when Estrada caught him being ‘sinungaling.’ Yet his supporters called him a hero and bemoaned how difficult it is to do the right thing in this country. Mr. Keh lied under oath in front of the nation, he is NOT an example of good governance.

Daido Katsumi

Agree on this. When someone tries to correct them, they play victim drama queens in order to convince the people on their side. I don’t like that because many Filipinos can be easily manipulated because of watching too much dramas. They never realized that they can be caught by a web of deceit.

Paul Farol

There’s a Yellow Hole that sucks intelligence within a 15 meter radius.

I’ve commented this one here in this blog about Keh “This Harvey Keh according to him: “For the record, I have NEVER and will NEVER sign up to join this Facebook Group: “We Support Chief Justice Corona and the Rule of Law”. Ang kapal naman talaga ng mukha ng mga supporters ni Corona to even add my name in their Facebook group! I do not support, have never supported and will never support Chief Justice Renato Corona. I hope they can stop resorting to dirty tactics such as these as well as propagating lies to the general public. Mahiya naman… Read more »
Belinda Madrid
Well said as always…this reminds me of my reaction to the observation of Dean La Vina… What is happening reminds me of Hunger Games or Gladiators…where the mob is never satisfied until they see blood…I am actually dumbfounded at the power I see being wielded by the state against one man. Does the state want to see blood too? Like I said from the beginning…if there is evidence then bring it out and let us make him pay. But not like this…never at the expense of honor…and never at the expense of a man’s right to due process. I do… Read more »

Harvey Keh said:

“I can now proudly say that I survived the berating and admonishment of Sen. Miriam!”

Dude. Di lang siya sinabon. Ginawa lang naman siyang labada ni MDS at nilagay sa washing machine.

Hyden Toro
“Got mit us” (God with us)…shouted the German Nazis, as they killed millions of Jews and political opponents. I believe that the worse that God can look upon people, like these YellowTards is: using God’s name and God’s goodness, to rationalize the evil and the wickedness of the Aquino/Cojuangco Regime, they support. These people, think like YellowTards already. So, there’s no sense arguing with them…Is lying and presenting false evidences, not wicked? People are not that ignoramus to believe in your : Mr. Anonymous and Miss Small Lady…It is a badly written Fairy Tale…it stinks, like all the pa-utot of… Read more »
This is what the entire PNoy brigade has had to resort to to try and oust Corona: illegally acquired bank documents; illegally divulged dollar accounts; unconstitutional filing of articles of impeachment lacking even the decency of perusing much less verification; neglect of legislative work; neglect of executive work; distortion of facts; libel; persecution; defamation; and blatant lying involving anonymous sources delivering documents in ridiculous fashion. All these shameful acts in the name of reform as they call themselves “champions.” Can’t they see the perversion in their egomaniacal personalities? What twisted minds these people have. They are so enamored with themselves… Read more »

Should have at least rehearsed if he intended to lie under oath on national TV. An ordinary cheating husband who is probably just a construction worker with no years in college can even come up with a better story when he lies to his wife about why he is late, why he didn’t come home or where his money has gone. Pathetic! Liars go to hell but the dumb liars are probably enslaved by the brilliant liars in hell. Being in hell is already bad, don’t make it worse by being bullied there.

Der Fuhrer

It is now an instrument of public policy to prostitute civil society groups and allow them to reveal anonymous sources of dubious, fabricated or falsified evidence. The continuation of Nazi style hate-think/demonization through black propaganda and trial by publicity by way of “hiring” media resources is now SOP. Add the machinery of state used against the perceived enemies of the chosen one and presto! Are we heading towards a police state?


Harvey Pweh of Kayat Natin deserves the rough treatment. He is trying to dupe us by trying to make us believe in anonymous sources and his naivete in supporting this administration is irritating.

I heartily laugh in his pathetic attempts at self-assurance by telling the world he’s OK, that he survived MDS. Cry more, Harvey Pweh. I bet you were shaking and holding back tears as you tweeted that.


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world watcher
Harvey Keh is a classic example of an emo whose brain has been so damaged by feel-good yellowtard slogans like “kaya natin!” and “angat buhay!” that he lost all common sense. What does he think his statement of support for Leni Robredo will achieve? A Robredo employee of a Robredo foundation releases a statement defending Robredo? Keh might as well bend over and suck his own d*ck, this is so masturbatory. The signs are everywhere. The Ghost of Impeachments Past has come to collect. Keh won’t be able to escape the karma of what he did years ago illegally obtaining… Read more »