Will Jessica Sanchez win American Idol for her talent?

Is it really a contest of talent? Or is it a contest of which of the candidates can mobilise the biggest voting bloc? Filipino-Mexican American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez represented the hopes and dreams of her co-ethnics as she made it to the finals of the popular reality talent show. But it took a “save” from the panel of judges to keep her in the running after she attracted the lowest number of votes among the contestants in last Thursday (12th April) night’s episode.

Filipino-American television viewers have vowed to “actively vote for Sanchez until the finals” and, for their part, “local artists and personalities [in the Philippines] have also expressed their support for Sanchez, saying they would do their share of voting if they could”.

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The question therefore is, will Jessica Sanchez win the American Idol title because of her talent? Or will she win it because of the simple fact of her ethnic background and the voting power that can be mobilised around it?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…


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I believe that it will be in the same situation concerning Efren Peñaflorida. She may win but not because of her talent(as if she has talent, since metal singers like Rob Halford, Tom Araya, Corey Taylor and Anders Friden sing better than her), but because FILIPINOS WILL WANT HER TO WIN. All for the sake of “Pinoy Pride”. Thus, I will go against it, and wish that she loses based on her being Filipino. I said this only to teach the Philippines that these people(Pacquiao, Charice and other “Pinoy Pride makers”) will not really help them, but would rather sink… Read more »

Does this mean the judges don’t know anything about judging and the only reason they used the save is because of her ethnic background?


I wonder what would happen had Jessica Sanchez not been saved by the judges. Would Filipinos all over the world cry racist? They probably would. Many Filipinos are one-track minds.

Oi, benign0, that girl can really sing ha. However, I feel that it’ll take more than talent to win that show. Based on the title and show format, you have to be “idolized” weekly to win. That’s why they have the moneymaking voting part. Unless you have access to the voter profiles, there’s no real way to say who’s voting for who. As for this week’s save, I don’t know but that show reminds me of basketball. She peaked too early perhaps? Or was she getting too much praise that people were getting tired of her already. Or maybe she’s… Read more »
Jon Limjap

Well, the fact that country singers have won half the AI contests in the past decade, ethnic background (redneck) is CLEARLY the determining factor.

nelson ongpauco

she talented but we need to vote for her .this is what i dont like the text vote it dosent matter how good you are without the text vote you loss

I really don’t follow AI, nor aware of what’s happenin’ in there, it was just that this news has been coming up so I took a little bit of a peak on Youtube. I don’t really know how to judge a very good singer, seems to me they all sound the same. But if Jessica Sanchez is a real talent, as according to the judges themselves, then she deserves to win, that is in a TALENT show. But AI, I believe, is not about talent, they are more about who gets the most fan, thus it’s called AMERICAN IDOL. But,… Read more »
The way the judges came to the rescue when it was revealed that she got the lowest votes just ruined it for everybody. Isn’t it enough that they praise her (almost) every week? What the judges did only worsened the situation, it even placed her automatically on the chopping block next judging. She is really talented no doubt about it, but the last thing America needs is a winner that’s been shoved down their throats. Let’s just hope she’ll pick a song next week that will connect with the voters. @JoeAmerica — i think you should include the Hawaiian Fan… Read more »

Forbes Magazine: Jessica Sanchez used as an example of why star candidates don’t get hired

The comments section is funny. Filipinos brandished their balat-sibuyas stupidity once again.


AI is not simply a search for a good singer but for an Idol. No matter how good a singer she is, she cannot win unless she gets America to like her and like seeing more of her.

This far in the game, that’s a very hard task

The show is American Idol..and what is the real mening of being an American Idol.. 1. You should be an Idol, likeable, popular. 2. Talented of course 3. American? What does it mean to be American? Is it by citizenship or by race? I don’t follow the show but I hear Jessica is really good. But sadly, it’s not a surprise if she loses not because of her talent but because of her race. Maybe being an American Idol should then mean be a Caucasian? But then again..America will vote who they deemed as an American Idol…and race will be… Read more »

Just to let everyone know…the Mexicans aren’t making a big deal of her…just the Filipinos as usual!


dami nyo namang satsat, eh di wag nyo nlang supportahan kung ayaw nyo. kung annoyed kayo sa mga kontribusyon ng mga filipino bat pa kayo nagsalita, nanahimik nlang sana. sabagay we live in the democracy kahit ano sasabihin.


It’s always the “proud to be Pinoy” thing everytime there’s a half-Pinoy contestant in shows like these. I think Jessica can sing well, but it doesn’t make me any prouder of my Pinoy lineage.

Steel Night
Will Jessica Sanchez win American Idol for her talent? My answer is a simple two letter: NO. Plain and simple, when one visits the Philippines alone one can find that Jessica Sanchez is a dime a dozen or a centavo a dozen. Just visit the many Kareoke bars, spots, whatever. There’s loads of young people just like that one American Idol contestant. If I could vote, which I unfortunately can’t, I’d vote for Philip Philips, now that’s an entertainer with more than just talent! He’s a winner, he’s got what it takes and also more than deserves to become America’s… Read more »