How the Roman Catholic Church devalued Jesus Christ

The Lenten season is upon us, and it is time to reflect on the deep fundamentals that define our aspirations to be “good” Christians. Part of those fundamentals are principles ingrained in us since youth by an institution that presumes to speak on behalf of God and provide “moral leadership” to his “flock”. But there is a simple question on the assertion that the Church provides credible moral leadership that we seem to sheepishly skirt:

Where is this “credibility” derived from?

Jesus Christ may have provided the groundbreaking conceptual foundations for the unprecedented ethical soundness of Western civilisation today (relatively, that is). And even to be fair to those who attribute the dubious property of “divinity” to this great man the advent of Christianity heralded in a replacement of the schizophrenic God described in the Old Testament with the concept of a “loving” and “fatherly” God to worship in our time.

As to Christ’s claim of being the Son of God, well, we have to rely on Scripture, that true-by-edict body of “knowledge” which survived centuries of “moral ascendancy” and unquestioned beholdnness from its own scholars and believers with hardly a whimper of scrutiny from any objective third party (under fear of genocidal attacks from the Church’s Forces of Righteousness). For all we know, the last 2000-odd years of the dominance of Scripture may have been nothing more than an exercise of systematically putting words in a great man’s mouth on a massive scale.

I therefore do agree that even removing the glue of “divinity” that for centuries has commanded fearful and in many cases insane obedience from most Christians; specifically the fear of the “fires of hell”, which in essence are rather dubious threats against what you shall experience after death (remember: nothing in life everything in death…); Christianity remains as Jurgen Habermas asserted, the foundation of the major civilising force of our time — European culture (let’s not forget who‘s invention “democracy” really is, folks).

The Man JC’s key contribution to our lot are his ideas and his example. The Church as an “institution” in all ironies has actually devalued him as a man (as one of us) by attributing to him a “divinity” that remains debatable to this day.

The value of Jesus Christ’s objective and tangible contribution to humanity was severely diluted by a humungous layer of convoluted dogma and mystic jibberish that is administered by that embodiment of conflicts-of-interest that is the Catholic Church.

Whereas men such as Albert Einstein and Plato stand timelessly on the robustness of their own personal achievement, Jesus Christ was deprived of his chance to stand among them upon the same sort of footing by a Church that presumed to enforce reverence for him through the sword and through the use of principles of clever marketing. Thus Christ will be known not as the man and not for his mind but as a mere iconic centre of an “institution” that today is rapidly making itself irrelevant and pulling down the great man with it.

Happy Easter Holidays and remember to use more brain and less of the shrinkwrapped recycled thinking that dominates our sad society.


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Joe America

I’ve never understand how an institution can lay claim to “moral leadership” but never accept responsibility for anything that goes bad. Christ didn’t run around saying “the Devil made me do it!” Or, take the case of poverty aggravated by unrestrained birthing, what kind of leader exclaims “the government is underperforming economically”. Then inserts itself into government affairs to block birth control education.

Moral leadership?

Belinda Madrid
We need to see Christ’s example as a man…as he walked the talk and lived what he preached…and then ask ourselves…was He truly the son of God or an insane and delusional sado-masochistic man? When I see Christ’s teaching…and then his sacrifice and passion…then pause and think…truly think about it…I cannot help but think that HE is made of stronger stuff than any man could be. To suffer such humiliation and punishment in obedience to HIS FATHER…now what man can claim the same kind of obedience…LOVE, HUMILITY AND OBEDIENCE. This is what Christ taught us…this is the walk HE talked…the… Read more »
Aurora Borealis
That’s a nice challenge to all Christian believers, but this space is much too small and even with a book one can’t fully rebut your legitimate claims. It takes a whole lot of history, secular and Christian, of cultural and literary studies, and the entire gamut of the human sciences to engage in a wholesome discussion about faith in general, and faith in Christ as God in particular. But a host of scholars, Christian and otherwise, have already tackled those issues since the birth of Christianity. On the other hand, in the inner sanctum of an existential human being who… Read more »
The printed Bible today of the RCC is one whole marketing attempt to make their religion the uncontested dominant force for all Christianity. Starting with the Council of Nicaea and through all the redactions they made into what should go into the Bible and lessen the contradictions (and henceforth, arguments) that may arise from the inclusion of Apocryphal books into the canonical Bible itself. But then, they themselves have being screwing their own dogma by committing stark errors (some may probably be even considered heinous crimes in itself) to the supposed central philosophy espoused by Jesus Christ (the man, divinity,… Read more »
Domingo Arong
BenignO But we should be reminded that no one is compelled or coerced to be a Roman Catholic (well, not anymore that is). In fact, in Dignitatis Humanae– the Vatican Council Declaration on Religious Freedom On the Right of the Person and of Communities to Social and Civil Freedoms in Matters Religious–promulgated in 1965, Pope Paul VI unequivocally reiterates this principle in the following lines in that declaration: 2. This Vatican Council declares that the human person has a right to religious freedom. This freedom means that all men are to be immune from coercion on the part of… Read more »
taong bahay

And to the author, though I disagree that it’s the Church’s fault, I am thanking you for reminding us catholics of what the lent truly means. And that is to take a second look at Christ, His words and His works. It indeed saddens me seeing catholics forgetting what Christ did for us and only remembers Him during this season. It is not the Church’s fault but truly, most catholics are guilty of devaluing Him.

Hyden Toro

One of the great man, who came out from various religions was Jesus Christ…whatever, you believe him to be: God, Son of God, Man, Extra Terrestrial, etc…it is your business. We don’t have to argue or kill each other for it…It is not the man, himself, that I look to…it is his Teachings,that are relevant in the past, as they are today…The teachings of Jesus Christ reinforces all the moral teachings of various religions that have come before, and after him…


Ahhh, Christ, I think he’s smart for his age I think it’s also possible that he may be from a future/dimension where they can create dimensional holes where bread and fish and wine can go through. And where clones of dead people can be made with their memories intact.

Also, he might be a robot powered by water with regenerative capabilities.


Great article. I have always viewed Christ as one similar to Prince Siddhārtha or better known as Buddha. Someone who possessed great wisdom and shared the knowledge to many. Perhaps he is really the son of God but it is more likely he is a wise man who was turned into a god for political gain and control. Just study the history of the Bible and you will see it was changed and revised so many times sometimes to fit the political agenda of that time.

It was not the Catholic Church who declared Jesus as divine or God but Jesus declared Himself as God and divine as written in the Gospels. Obviously the writer did not read the bible or if he did did not understand it. As a matter of fact, the Catholic church study, interpret and explain the bible in a critical manner, the term is exegesis. The bible is the only religious document ever to be studied that way. Now, Jesus Christ leaves it to each of us to believe or not in Him as God and a man at the same… Read more »
De Broke

The Roman Catholic Church is no longer a Christ-centered, Bible-based Christianity since the Great Schism in 1054. Since then, Catholics worship Mary and saints more than Our Lord Jesus Christ.