Elephant named Mistrial will henceforth sit amongst Senator-Judges in Corona impeachment

It seems that the Philippines is in the middle of a repeat of the wholesale con of the Filipino people by the Aquino-Cojuangco clan that was the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections. Despite overwhelming evidence that the prosecution team had misled the Filipino public with the unverified and outright false “evidence” they had submitted to the Senate court overseeing the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona, the political bloc of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III merely stepped up its publicity drive to demonise Corona.

Recall what transpired in the trial session on the 21st March 2012 where…

The slow death-by-pahiya of the prosecution panel was presided over by tough-as-nails defense counsel Noel Lazaro who made the prosecution panel admit item-by-item the ruling out as “cancelled” of at least 17 of the 45 properties brandished by the prosecution team led by Niel Tupas Jr to the media at the start of the trial. Of the remaining 28 properties, only five were found to be directly under name of Corona and his wife Cristina — a far cry from the shocking outrage of 45 properties that the prosecution insinuated was acquired by Corona under suspicious circumstances.

The revelation of deceit was at such an astounding scale that it cast a pall over the entire trial. It was like a big elephant representing the prospect of mistrial suddenly appeared in the room. Suffice to say it is an elephant that everybody, for now, would pretend doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, the spectacle prompted several Senator-Judges to express their disbelief of how such an outright lie and deliberate effort to deceive could be taken so far. Senator Joker Arroyo called it “sickening”.

The obviously right thing to do is to apologise, and some Senator-Judges think so. According to Senator Loren Legarda, “You cannot go to town with unverified information, especially given the big difference between the reported number of properties and what was submitted…. If they made the correction in a press conference, the correction should also be made in a press conference.” Senator Jinggoy Estrada didn’t mince words. “May I tell you, to advise your spokesmen to rectify the error and take back what they said in the media that indeed, the properties of Chief Justice Corona are not 45, because I think the damage has already been done. It was already instilled in the minds of the public, in the minds of the people, or even in the minds of the court that Corona has 45 properties, when in fact, they are not 45.” Estrada said.

The prosecution has so far not shown any inclination towards apologising for this act of impropriety. This will be the second time since the 2010 elections that a massive insult to the intelligence of an entire people will be engineered by the political bloc of Noynoy Aquino. At its disposal are awesome resources — “cooperative” media behemoths ABS-CBN and the Inquirer.net, both of which benefited enormously from the rise to power of Noynoy’s mother, former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino. Shortly after the ascent to power of the late former President Corazon Aquino, ABS-CBN ownership reverted back to the Lopezes. ABS-CBN is also widely credited for creating the “People Power” and “Edsa Revolution” concepts, encapsulating the entire drama that saw the fall of former dictator Ferdinand Marocs and the “return” of “democracy” to the Philippines under those two catch phrases, and engineering the ingraining of these notions deep into the Filipino collective psyche through its omnipresent media channels. And in the lead up to the 1986 “people power” “revolution”, the then fledgling Philippine Daily Inquirer was lucky enough to have bet on the right horse. It was a big bet made while supposedly espousing reporting objectivity as evident in its chosen slogan “Balanced News, Fearless Views”.

Just recently, the Inquirer.net figured in what was widely-perceived to be a deliberate humiliation of defense witness Demetrio Vicente after the paper published on its front page unflattering photos of Vicente who, in his facial expressions, exhibited signs of struggling to cope with what could be permanent effects from a stroke he had previously suffered. The paper did issue an “apology” later. But it was one that…

(1) did NOT directly address Mr Vicente;

(2) did NOT acknowledge the disrespect and lack of taste it exhibited; and,

(3) did NOT express regret.

Nonetheless, the witch hunt, fishing expeditions, and inquisitions mounted by the Aquino bloc continue unabated (though not surprisingly). For her part, “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles came up with a blog post that “reported” speculative information that supposedly points to a portfolio of Corona properties that exists somewhere in the United States — something that Corona also denied recently in a press statement:

“The addresses cited by Raissa Robles were apartments rented by my two daughters (both licensed physical therapists in the US) at various times over the past 14 years.”

The Chief Magistrate pointed out that these were merely temporary mailing addresses when his daughters were still rented by his daughters Carla and Charina.

Between a self-described “investigative journalist” who once declared that she does not believe in the rule of law, and Chief Justice Corona whose assertions on how much properties he really does own had already been proven right before the Senate court, I wonder who the Filipino people are going to believe? If these are, as many of them would like others to believe, the devout Catholics they aspire to be, then maybe they should consider that their spiritual leader — Jesus Christ, himself — was sentenced to be crucified by a court of public opinion not too different from the one we are seeing today.

But that’s Philippine society for you — a society where the wrong arguments win pretty much 80 percent of the time, and where the the “National Debate” is dominated by characters whose primary skill revolves around a talent for appealing to the sentiments of the uneducated and starstruck of the lot.


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Lol. Noyt@rds still mad at CJ for possessing… 5(?) properties. Har har har.

It doesn’t matter daw bec he will still be convicted. Says a Proud43’er. Haha.

Der Fuhrer
I woke up this morning and saw the Philippine Star headline with amusement. “P-Noy: I’m in control.” Our sleeping president miraculously awakened and transformed! I am looking back at the start of the Senate Impeachment Trial. Analyze it. He was trying to control the same starting from the drafting of articles to the Lower House enforced signature campaign and speedy transfer procedure to the Senate for trial. He even had regular meetings with select members of the prosecution and was in constant communication with his support allies. So what happened? The prosecution had no planning, organizing, directing and controlling of… Read more »

just listened to robles being interviewed by her employer – abs-cbn.
no wonder she didnt want to appear in court or do interviews.
she is inarticulate, illogical and unable to answer many questions.
Mmmm. does she have a ghost writer!


it is also clear that there is a frantic spree by the oligarchs to establish a stronger hold on the economy through buying companies/state assets and being awarded lucrative govt contracts.
the cost of competing will keep major foreign competition out of the philippines – apart from 60/40 – and an economic and political dictatorship is established with a compliant media, and even court if corona can be removed.
tge sheer greed, deceit and hypocricy could only happen in the philippines


the aquino administration is misleading the country by this no good impeachment trial!!!


i just checked raissa robles site – ‘about me’ section
she is a self proclaimed journalist having “contributed” to newspapers. so have i. big deal.
that is not being a journalist.
and she has never been a contract working journalist just someone who occassionally contributes to an obscure newspaper.
now it becomes clear.
she is an arms length pawn for info fed to her. not even the intellect to question. and certainly no integrity.
” times of london” she is joking and lying. investigate her credentials. her credibility is zero

Vincenzo B. Arellano

Marami p ring dpat harapin si Corona k2lad ng pagiging midniGht apPointeE ni Gloria, pagsisinungaling sa SALN, dollar aCcount, pagnanakaw sa mga sariling kamag anak at ang mrami raming mga properties nya kht hndi tUgma sa kaBuUang nyang sahod


the inside track – husband alan pulling the strings. makes more sense – raissa robles not very bright by all accounts – her husband more ambitious and pompous, and likes to think of himself as part of the intelligensia!
yesterdays people trying to make a pension.

Der Fuhrer
“P-noy: I’m in control.”-Philippine Star headline today. The picture shows him gesturing with a clenched fist. Propaganda and photo ops at its worst. 1. I’m in control and I will stoop to carry more folders and hopefully, sign more documents and attend more meetings. 2. I’m in control and the blackouts will be solved soon depending on my mood. Pardon the delayed reaction as I was distracted by my various relaxing games. 3. I’m in control and will try to avoid my numerous games and distractions. 4. I’m in control and will not allow the militant communist left to exploit… Read more »
Vincenzo B. Arellano

According to survey conducted by Student Council Alliance of the Phils. (SCAP), Corona is highly distrusted by 5 universities which include his alma mater ADMU, wla nang tiwala ang mga estUdyante ke Corona, dpat palitan na sya

Hyden Toro

The five minutes deliberation impeachment of Justice Corona, in Congress is sickening. The bribing of the 188 Congressmen by Noynoy Aquino, showed how desperate the Cojuangco-Aquino families are in holding their ill gotten land of Hacienda Luisita. These people are just plain: liars, deceivers, scammers, and opportunists. They are amoral. They use religion as a political tool; and use people for their ends…


An elephant named Drilon is already sitting amongst the Senator-Judges, and I think that’s going to throw a wrench in the mistrial idea, unfortunately.

Domingo Arong
BenignO But there was this other, rather oversized slumbering pachyderm noynoying in the room that was already inside, ensconced there at the start when the complaint was drafted and signed, even before the trial was convened, and that, of course, was, alongside the Elephant of Mistrial, the Elephant of Disbarment. In fact, it was during this time that the term “verified” was expanded to mean the mere slavish act of affixing one’s signature to a document left unread which, of course, is entirely unlike the words the unrequited prefers to leave unsaid. What is now clear is that the accusers… Read more »
Steel Night
Just my opinion. The farce of an Impeachment trial (more like telenovela/teleserye/TVdrama/soap opera/comedy show/segment) should be ended or canceled. There is barely any real point or thing happening in it, and half the time listeners and watchers alike can’t really understand what the hell is going on. Unlike a lot of others before me, I can’t exactly explain or describe why I think all of it is just as I stated above or why I think the whole thing should just be stopped/halted/suspended. Mi madre is a die hard Aquino fanatic (can’t be helped I guess since our family has… Read more »