Senator Miriam Santiago is just what the doctor ordered for the prosecution

I know what the Philippines needs. We need more people like Senator Miriam Santiago. We need more people like her who won’t think twice about saying the truth. Senator Santiago doesn’t care about what other people think of her because she has the balls to tell them outright when they are being stupid. And the lady-Senator did just that when she said during the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona that the prosecution team is “an INSULT to the intelligence of educated Filipinos”.

Philippine society's bitter pill

Senator Santiago’s style is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some Filipinos frown upon the way Senator Miriam handles herself. They say that she is loud, arrogant, and intolerant. However, most people would disagree with that view. In berating the prosecution, Senator Miriam is doing exactly what a lot of Filipinos would like to do but can’t because they are not in the position to do so.

The prosecution, composed mostly of Congressmen allied with President Noynoy Aquino deserves every bit of the tongue-lashing they get from the Senator Judges. In filing the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Corona without enough preparation, they have wrought havoc upon the country’s institutions, not to mention put the branches of government in potential conflict with one another and possibly causing a constitutional crisis. What is worse is that they want the Senators to help them accomplish their dirty deeds. They have also distracted everyone from dealing with the real issues facing our country today. Now PNoy is getting away with his mediocre performance while in office. The prosecution had no qualms about destroying Chief Justice Corona’s reputation but they are now crying foul over Senator Judges like Senator Santiago giving them in-your-face lectures.

Senator Santiago’s detractors are claiming that she is very impatient. But who has time for the prosecution’s lies and deceptive stunts? Indeed, the trial is moving too slow for everyone’s liking not because of her “boorish lectures and pointless interruptions” but because of the prosecution’s incompetence. Everything the Senator has said so far about the prosecution has been spot on. A lot of people appreciate the wisdom and knowledge she injects during an otherwise boring and pointless exercise.

What caused Senator Santiago’s hypertension to go sky high again in the recent days’ proceedings is the realization that the prosecution is actually relying on the impeachment court to subpoena all their witnesses, including associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. It emerged that none of the prosecution’s witnesses are willing to testify voluntarily. Their problem seems evident in the way most of their witnesses turn hostile against them after being subject to the way they ask their questions. Even presiding officer, Senator Enrile noticed it:

“I even aid them now and then by asking questions because the manner by which they grill their witnesses is really objectionable. Sometimes, it seems I am already acting on their side as their lawyer so they cannot say I am biased against the House of Representatives,” he fumed.

It has not been a very good experience for most of the witnesses so far as they also get a grilling not just from the prosecution who do not know how to handle their own witnesses, but also from the defense counsels who do not have a choice but to question their credibility.

Unfortunately, because the impeachment court decided to allow Senator Judges to ask “clarificatory” questions, which is also a source of delays, the witnesses also get a grilling from them. In a number of occasions, some Senator Judges who seem biased towards the prosecution even act very hostile to the witnesses. Who in their right mind would volunteer for such a thankless task? I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want private details about me, which has nothing to do with the case against Chief Justice Corona, divulged on national television.

Senator Santiago’s detractors should give her a break. It’s not just her who has pointed out the prosecution’s weakness. A few of the senator judges have spoken out against the prosecution too:

Senator-judges on Day 24 of the impeachment trial told the prosecution team to get their act together and stop relying [on] the court to do the job for them.

This means the prosecution should produce witnesses on their own instead of requesting subpoena all the time.

Senator-judges advised the prosecution to talk to Sereno first instead of using compulsory process of the impeachment court.

“Bakit hindi niyo muna imbitahin si Justice Sereno? Kayong prosecution dapat kinausap niyo yung gusto niyong testigo at dalhin dito,” Enrile said.

“Nalalagay po kami sa alanganin. Tuwing may gusto kayong tumestigo, hinihingan niyo kami ng subpoena,” Senator Francis Escudero likewise told the prosecution.

Senator Panfilo Lacson added, “Bakit niyo kami isinusubo sa hindi niyo kayang gawin?”

The other senator judges may have been more subtle than Senator Miriam but after several weeks of trial that seemed to not have gone anywhere fast, subtlety is the last thing the prosecution needs. They constantly have to be reminded about the rules of the court or what they need to do to get things going. This is very frustrating especially for the judges who have to pay attention to all the little details in the proceedings.

Senator Santiago’s irritation with the prosecution is a reminder to all of us that we are not yet a mature society. In a mature society, members of the community do not need to be reminded of the rules all the time. They use their common sense, which is not something that most Filipinos have.

So what makes some Filipinos a bit squeamish about how Senator Santiago treats the prosecution? Writer James Fallows in his article A Damaged Culture: A New Philippines? made a very astute observation of Filipino ethic in general. In it he wrote: “The Filipino ethic of delicadeza, their equivalent of saving face, encourages people to raise unpleasant topics indirectly, or, better still, not to raise them at all.” Bingo.

With most of our ASEAN neighbors moving ahead in full steam, we don’t have time for misguided “delicadeza”. It is high time we get rid of this notion of saving face. We do more damage to our society when we turn a blind eye to our public servants’ shenanigans. Some Filipinos think that supporting a public servant they voted for means not criticizing him. Like what I have said before, there is a misguided notion among Filipinos that their public servants will eventually do what they are being paid to do. This is wrong and this is part of the reasons things never go according to plan in the Philippines.

To be sure, one of the reasons why Filipinos are not used to pointing out their public servants’ shortfalls is because of this belief that they are not supposed to be questioning authority. Where they got that belief is another story.

In any organization, there is a system of checks and balances in place that ensures that things work according to how they were meant to. If any part of that system fails, it would take a while before the goal of the organization can be met or, in the worst case, the goal will not be met at all. Included in those checks and balances are the low-ranking members who need to see to it that the people who make the decisions are doing their jobs.

A community or a society is no different from any organization. We all have a role to play in running the organization. Being a member is not just about enjoying the privileges of being a part of it. It is important that we perform our roles as community members by calling the attention of those concerned and make sure they are doing their part in fixing what is broken.

We should all applaud Senator Miriam Santiago for showing us how to be an effective critic. Let’s face it, anyone can criticize but not every vocal person is in a powerful position to make a difference. Our public servants just need to toughen up. If they can’t handle criticism, they have the option to resign.


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I agree Ilda. She’s like Margeret “Iron Lady” Thatcher to those prosecuting scumbags.


well said
and i see nothing more idiotic, hypocritical than these same pathetic law breakers, not only supporting pagcor naguiat but saying billionairre businessman steve wynn should be banned from doing business in the philippines for suggesting it was corrupt. now they are idiots worldwide. maybe they also want wynn to stop employing thousands of filipinos – whuch he speaks highly of. it is just the lawmakers that are tge problem. aint that so right. what lowlife these people are


Bravo, Miriam! What will do without her piercing madness, like a harsh spotlight upon the fools of our time.

I am in complete agreement with everything you mentioned. The thing with most of Filipinios is they take things too personally and they like the ideaological person who always smiles, agrees with you and turn a blind eye to any wrongdoing. It is good in many respect but when it comes to accountability and logic, it simply doesn’t work. Perdonally, I have a theory about the Filipino society. We are more inclined to accept a perosn not by his credentials or anything substantial but how he can cope with ‘pakikisama.’ It doesn’t matter if you have a brain or not,… Read more »
red gonzales

Rep. Neil Colmenares… halatang halata kpag nagsisinungaling…. titingin sa taas… everytime na mag iimbento ng rason …titingin sa itaas..hehehhe

OK ka ba Tyan Colmenares??? Ikaw ba yun sa commercial ng Yakult??

Sabi nya… sa tingin po naman namin tetestigo naman po si Associate Justice Sereno kpag ipina subpoena ng Impeachment Court…tapos maya maya sasabihin na… Nahihirapan po kasi kami mag invite ng witness kasi ang babanggain si CJ. Conflicting Statements… kung sa tingin mo she will readily testify eh bakit di nya irequest na lng personally.

Der Fuhrer

Another good one Ilda! Senator Santiago is an equalizer. I loved her grand style as she humbled and lectured the arrogant Neil Tupas. She also exposed the lackluster performance and many boo-boos of the prosecution. Perhaps the mental and emotional state of the great leader is really contagious. The prosecution must be operating in a different political dimension. On the lighter side enter the strange critter created by JoJo Robles…

The benignoramus

Lord Chimera

Almost anyone who looks at Sen. Santiago can more or less get that feeling that this is not a person who suffers fools, does the minions think that the King in Yellow’s words are bladed? Well guess what the senator’s words can burn them. It also helps that she speaks truth.

Der Fuhrer

The impeachment may have distracted us for a while. Here is more disturbing news about the silent, sleeping president and his continuing red connection…

Joma slips in , now in Iloilo , says officer

anad Pnoy should explain joma’s arrival


Another good post, Ilda. Agree with you on the notion that our society still has a lot of growing up to do. I wish there were more people like Miriam Santiago who has the balls to inject some sense and sensibility into many people’s otherwise corrupted minds.

current trends

Great post and analysis too. We need someone like Sen.Miriam Santiago because she’s really admitting her disappointments in the impeachment. Well, what can you expect from so-called educated prosecution team? Nothing.

Really now, Miriam Defensor Santiago…. she’s your role model? I thought this is Get Real Philippines? I can not think of one single event in history where she stood with principle. At the impeachment, she’s just kissing Cuevas’ ass… most senator-judges are anyway. I agree though that the Prosecution Team are incompetent eager beavers they are messing up what is utterly clear and common sensical. The law, nomatter how stupid sometimes it might be is the law. Stupidus lex, sed lex. Read Stupid Lina Law on Squatters and the dubious Bank Secrecy Law on Dollar Account. And you don’t get… Read more »
And to think Miriam Santiago was being painted as “insane” or “psychologically unstable” nearly two decades ago. Whether you agree with that or not, actively and vocally voicing your dislikes is something that more people need to do like she does. I agree that we need to get rid of misplaced delicadeza. Or better yet, Filipinos need to start rethinking how they should apply concepts like that properly. As the author pointed out above, an indication of a mature person or community, is that the subject knows how to handle criticism without taking it personally. The corollary to this statement… Read more »
Hyden Toro

The good Senator speaks , what is in her mind…this is what we must all do…there is too much power concentrated on the Presidency…we have to diminish this power…it’s corrupting the system. The President’s Pork Barrel Fund is a huge money fund, concentrated on the hand of one is the source of corruption. Disbursed , without any auditing, where the funds went.
It’s good the Senate asserted itself. The Judiciary discovered its own power also…the Balance of Power in our government is beginning to shift to the


i was actually begining to realized that Sen Mirriam would be a very good president… that can intitute rule of law and discipline for the country…


I voted for her then, I thought she had some sets of values that will pass off as decent and palatably-principled. However, I was proven otherwise when she challenged FVR to a boxing match and the succeeding events sealed her fate. If that is one part of History (FVR cheated) where the Law was violated, the “fruits of the poisoned tree” will be more tolerable to swallow.

Der Fuhrer

A respite from the distraction of the impeachment. The second psyche report of Mr. Aquino. It reveals the dimension of his mental and emotional state in later years.

sa pagkaka-alam ko, ang ibig sabihin pagtinawag ang isang tao na ‘gago’ ibig sabihin isa siyang taong tanga, walang alam, stupid – ika nga… Not exactly a bad word or curse/swear per se, pero, pedeng maging insulto. At palagay ko tulad sa sitwasyon na ito. Hindi ako naniniwala na gagamitin ni sen miriam ang salita na iyon kung hindi iyon ang kanyang nao-obserbahan. Pa-isang buwan na ang proceeding na ito at hindi ko masabi na naging outstanding ang performance ng mga nasa prosecution in and out of the court. In fact, kanilang butas-butas na mga ebidesya, kawalan ng preparasyon sa… Read more »
I see Dumb people

Well THEY DO deserve to be called “GAGO”. They marched to the impeachment court filled with confidence but is unprepared, arrogant to announce their victory in public but couldn’t get a hold of it. Are they trolling?

Just because they’re on the pre-tarded-sident’s side doesn’t mean they can bend the rules of the court. Hell even the president should abide by the laws.

Sino naman hindi magagalit sa ganun?


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