PNoy’s prejudice is causing a lot of problems in Philippine society

President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) seems to be suffering from tunnel vision. The medical term tunnel vision refers to the loss of a person’s peripheral vision. People who suffer from tunnel vision can only see what is in front of them and not the ones on the sides of their eyes. The term tunnel vision is also used in literature to metaphorically describe someone who has a myopic view or narrow point of view of the world. In addition, people who have tunnel vision also exhibit extremely prejudiced outlook, bias, lacking in tolerance and sympathy of other people especially their enemy.

In his recent speech at a forum at the La Consolacion College, Manila in celebration of the first EDSA people power revolution in 1986, PNoy exhibited signs of tunnel vision in the way he railed against his perceived political enemies. The hapless captured audience, comprised mostly of students who are barely out of puberty, became victims of PNoy’s tirade against the impeached Supreme Court Chief Justice, Renato Corona. The poor students were bombarded with propaganda that was extremely biased and prejudiced against the Chief Justice.

PNoy devoted his entire speech, which was accompanied by a power point presentation, to persuading the audience into believing that Chief Justice Corona is guilty of the charges in the articles of impeachment. PNoy turned what could have been an opportunity to inspire the young generation to think positively and promote congeniality in our society into something very negative and unconstructive.

PNoy could have set aside politics in the presence of impressionable members of the community. Instead, he chose that particular occasion to show them that when you hate someone, you need to use force to get rid of them. Unfortunately, the teenagers were exposed to bias, intolerance and vindictiveness courtesy of the highest officer in the country. This is very disheartening, indeed.

What PNoy failed to mention in front of the innocent young students is that, Chief Justice Corona’s trial is still ongoing; he failed to mention that the prosecution is still presenting their so-called “evidence” and that the defense team, those in charge of responding to the charges against the Chief Justice has not given their official rebuttal; he failed to mention that all of us have only heard one side.

PNoy reiterated in his speech only too much that Chief Justice Corona failed to disclose his assets, liabilities, and net worth (SALN). He kept stressing that the SALN of the High Court’s primus inter pares was just kept in a vault. In PNoy’s myopic view, it is only Chief Justice Corona among all the Supreme Court judges who had done this. Never mind that a 1989 en banc resolution requires that the SALN’s of all the members of the Supreme Court be submitted to the Clerk of Court for safekeeping. The en banc resolution is meant to protect the independence of the judiciary because information in the wrong hands tends to “endanger, diminish or destroy their [the judiciary’s] independence”¦and expose them to revenge for adverse decisions, kidnapping, extortion, blackmail.” The President was wrong in putting malice when Chief Justice Corona put his SALN in the Supreme Court’s vault for safekeeping. His SALN is not the only one kept there.

PNoy also insinuated that the Chief Justice was the only person behind the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against a watch list order on former President Gloria M Arroyo (GMA). He stopped short of saying that the Chief Justice is in control the entire Supreme Court. PNoy is playing ignorant of the fact that out of the 13 judges who participated in voting on the petition from the Arroyos, eight voted yes and five voted no. This shows the democratic way decisions are handed down; this means that the Supreme Court is not under the complete control of the Chief Justice. Besides, the issuance of a TRO was a mere “provisional remedy” and “does not say if one is guilty or if one should be acquitted.” In addition, the issuance of the TRO is “consistent with the constitutional provision on the presumption of innocence” since GMA has not been accused of anything at that time.

PNoy is definitely promoting negative mental attitude. He is also teaching flawed reasoning when he said that “it would be “extremely difficult, if not impossible” to pursue his reforms if Corona would be allowed to stay as the Chief Justice. His statement is completely false because it is a fact that as the Chief Justice, Corona only carries 1 vote out of 15 in the Court, and is “generally regarded, vis-a-vis the other Justices, as the primus inter pares rather than as the administrative superior of the other members of the Court.”

One gets this general feeling that PNoy thinks that most Filipinos are stupid. Let’s pretend for a moment that Chief Justice Corona holds the other justices by their balls and gets them to do what he says; but isn’t it that prevention is better than the cure? The Supreme Court only comes into the picture when someone breaks the law. In this sense, the Supreme Court cannot be the sole source of corruption. PNoy can still pursue his reforms in other ways even if he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with whoever is in charge of the Supreme Court. The truth is, judging by the way PNoy strong-arms his political allies, the padrino system, which is one of the worse forms of corruption in the Philippines, is still alive and well even after GMA has gone and is especially more blatant during PNoy’s term.

PNoy’s tunnel vision is causing him to forget that there are other things to do aside from pursuing individuals who he thinks is allied with GMA. Zambales Rep. Milagros Magsaysay blames the administration “for letting inflation get out of hand while it focused on the impeachment.” To quote Congresswoman:

“We have been constantly reminding the government that if it does not do anything about skyrocketing oil prices, it will have an impact on the prices of goods in the market. Now, here we are stuck in this predicament””prices of sardines and other goods are beginning to rise already which will start an avalanche of subsequent price hikes””all because the administration failed to prepare safeguards to cushion the people from the impact of inflation.

Magsaysay’s warnings is not without merit considering there is a looming war in the middle east with Israel considering going ahead with preemptive strikes against Iran. And then there is still a crisis in Syria with the government on the attack against those they perceive to be anti-government. But this is all falling on deaf ears as PNoy insists that he cannot do anything until the Chief Justice is out.

Obviously PNoy is getting impatient and doesn’t like how the events in the trial are unfolding in a way unfavorable to the prosecution. He says that there is enough evidence to convict the Chief Justice, but his actions betray him. If he is confident of a conviction, then he need not go out of his way to influence the mindset of the public and the Senator Judges; he need not meddle in the trial by way of statements that show his prejudice.

Those who are watching the proceedings closely know that the evidence presented by the prosecution may not even be admitted because the prosecution may have violated the law in obtaining a copy of the alleged bank records, which was used as the basis for issuing the subpoena. Worse, members of the prosecution team have been making conflicting stories about where they got those “spurious” documents. First it was Representative Reynaldo Umali who claimed that he was the one who got the papers from a “small lady.” Then after PSBank manager, Annabelle Tiongson’s revelation that Rep. Jorge “Bolet” Banal went to their bank on the 31st of January to ask for her “help”, Banal then went on to give a very long explanation saying someone left for him an envelope under the gate of his home in Quezon City the night before he went to the PSBank branch in Katiputan.

The prosecution seems to have a lot of phantom helpers who are very mysterious, indeed. The question is, will the Senator Judges get to the bottom of this web of lies or will they just let it slide? The prosecution has been gathering evidence by circumventing the law from the very beginning but the impeachment court has been very generous and liberal to them despite the delays they are causing. Meanwhile, the defense has been warned that they may be in contempt of court when they conducted a press conference about an anonymous tip they supposedly received that Malacanang Executive Secretary, Paquito Ochoa approached and offered 100M pesos to any of the Senator Judges who would defy the Supreme Court’s TRO issued against the disclosure of Corona’s alleged dollar accounts.

Who can explain the perceived discrepancies in Chief Justice Corona’s SALN? I cannot explain it; neither can anyone from the public including PNoy and his staff. The only one who can explain it is Chief Justice Corona through his counsels. Any attempts at explaining the existence of his bank accounts and its contents outside of his family and legal team would involve mere speculation. I would rather wait for the clarification, which is sure to come in “due time”. Frankly, the number of bank accounts in circulation is doing my head in and I’m afraid I might suffer from tunnel vision if I attempt to justify it.


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Der Fuhrer

The continuing red connection and the sleeping president…

PNoy must speak out vs. CPP lies, pretensions, and insincerity

Robert Haighton
Although its hard for me to comment on this specifically but in general terms I still can comment. Now what PNoy did may be wrong and being an act of tunnel vision but if the students’ ears are not damaged and their minds are not damamged they (the students) can make up their own minds and say to themselves: “that Pnoy is sucking big time”. But if the students ears and minds are weak and easy to manipulate then we have to worry more about the talents and capacities & capabilities of the students who may be the future leaders… Read more »
Der Fuhrer
Mr. Aquino’s misplaced focus on his perceived enemies shows his state of mind. This fixated obsession is distracting him from his multifaceted role, his duties and his responsibilities. There is something wrong with a so-called leader who sees nothing but an enemy to be demonized with continuing black propaganda, trial by publicity and fabricated evidence.He is seen as the self anointed man on horseback acting as judge, jury and executioner. His bad examples are affecting the youth, the improved society and our culture. He is a piece of work in progress as he continues to ignore the pressing issues of… Read more »
I had a piece in mind with pretty much the same points you had mentioned above. I would have called it “Can we still trust the President?”. The vague answer that Aquino gave to the question on the state of reforms if Corona is acquitted caused me to blurt out a WTF. I listened to the speech. I was not impressed. I pity the students who had to endure listening to him complain. They probably even showed more maturity than he did, if you ask me. The idea of three, coequal branches of Government escapes a man who refuses to… Read more »
Robert Haighton

If someone is telling BS (bull shit) then I will walk away or stop listening or make sure he will shut up any next time. What about new elections to shut him up next time?

Lord Chimera
Well there you have it folks, now that the King in Yellow knows which way the wind blowing(Corona’s acquittal)and it’s not in his favor judging from the way the Senate voted on respecting the SC’s TRO concerning the opening of Corona’s bank accounts. Since he can’t take down Corona in a legal way(as if), he now attempts to take him out thru populist tactics. The fact that he had a power point presentation on hand to present his case goes to shows that the Yellow Cabal has switched to Plan B. You can call him crazy, but you have to… Read more »
“Aquino lamented that while the Supreme Court had dealt harshly with a Supreme Court employee who failed to include in her SALNs her family’s modest income from a market stall”. Nung nabasa ko yung case na yan, sa aking palagay… Dishonesty ang MAIN CAUSE ng dismissal from service kasi doble doble ang pagkubra nya ng kanyang sweldo. “By her own admission, respondent had collected her salary from the Municipality of Panabo for the period of May 16-31, 1991, when she was already working at the RTC. She knew that she was no longer entitled to a salary from the… Read more »
Phil Manila

“The prosecution seems to have a lot of phantom helpers …”

After the mysterious ‘small lady’, who presumably also delivered a copy of the questionable evidence to Congressman Holy (Banal eh), who will be the next Santa’s helper?

I bet you somebody who was so moved by the Powerpoint presentation:

A nun from La Consolacion College. 🙂

Who’re the idiots that even invited abNoy to speak at their podium in the first place? What words of wisdom or even inspiration can they get from a retard with no wisdom to share and no accomplishments to speak of to inspire these hapless students? How can you inspire excellence when all his life, he operated on the level of mediocrity and incompetence and continues to do so? How can you inspire students to reach for higher goals or ideals when even abNoy couldn’t get over himself and is all about selfish ends—petty romantic episodes, greed and covetousness? Never have… Read more »

MAD-Noy said ” it’s simple. do you trust corona” ( obviously playing on his trust ratings in the scam surveys of sws/pulse asia – expect a new survey anytime soon!)

answer ” a hell of a lot more than i trust a psychologically imbalanced DOM, an obsessive and vindictive control freak, and a waster who has not worked or achieved anything in his own right, even his money is inherited. p-noy is as fake as everything the prosecution and liberal party say”

Hyden Toro
The La Consolacion College, “Question and Answer” session, was Staged Managed. It’s like those Talk shows; where the audiences were given Questions to ask the Host. The Host answers them with a memorized answer…It’s very obvious…they made it up that way…then, Noynoy Aquino displayed himself , to be very knowledgeable in answering the questions. It was shown by his Propaganda Media: ABS-CBN. Maybe directed by : Ricky Carandang and Mislang, while they were sipping Vietnamese wines… The mental stability of Noynoy Aquino is in question. Maybe his mental illness has recurred, due to the stress, he placed on himself. His… Read more »

perhaps the one who made his speech was josh. no one in his right mind specially the highest official of the land should utter those words. that is not acceptable since the case of the CJ is still on going for trial. he already discredit the credibility of the impeachment court.

well, on the other hand, i am not surprise for him doing those non sense blah!blah!blah! matagal ko ng alam po na hindi matino ang pag iisip ng hinalal nyong pangulo ay mean, PANG-GULO:)

roderick sibelius

Roderick Sibelius Misplaced Pride/Honor = Prejudice untoward and unbecoming of a Public Servant, He had ‘great speeches when he was campaigning and now, walk the talk of your PROMISES, SIR!!!!!!… or you have become an iconoclast to the ideals of the masses, you have become an inept virulent public WANG WANG from your own mental distortion field visions of power to corrupt and a menace to society.

Eye MD
“President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) seems to be suffering from tunnel vision. The scientific meaning of the term tunnel vision refers to the loss of a person’s peripheral vision. People who suffer from tunnel vision can only see what is in front of them and not the ones on the sides of their eyes. The term tunnel vision is also used in literature to metaphorically describe someone who has a myopic view or narrow point of view of the world.” I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but comment on this being an eye doctor and all. First, “tunnel vision” is not… Read more »
Der Fuhrer

On the intellectually challenged state of mind of the sleeping dictator…

CJ to Noy: Keep off trial, prove mental fitness to lead

Der Fuhrer

The sleeping dictator is violating the sub judice rule…

Isn’t P-Noy’s attacks on CJ Corona sub judice?

Journeys and Travels
What was lamentable on these is that the republic has been left without a steer direction vis-a-vis the global threats that are directed towards us, individually and collectively as a nation. I would have appreciated it very much if the President has reminded us how to spur economic development through entrepreneurship and encouraging investments in the education sector; would have appreciated it if the President, while using PowerPoint presentation, presented to us facts about inflation, labor statistics and how his government is curbing it. I would have appreciated it if the President has laid down in his presentation how disasters… Read more »
mamang sorbetero
it is unlikely for a president, that is expected to uphold the rule of law, to call on people to “manindigan” and “kumilos” hinting a mob rule just in case CJ is acquitted, this only shows how sick is the mind of the president, that what he think is right have a grace from God and therefore should be followed by the people and that nobody could stand along his “daang matuwid”… his speeches were very alarming, full of biases and vindictiveness, the president by his own doing, has created a disturbing environment for the Philippines and divisiveness among us… Read more »

The pressure put on B.S Noynoy by the entire Aquino-Cojuanco clan must be taking its toll on his mental capacity to the point of rendering his medications useless.


naloko na…