Corona’s Trial: The Need to Understand What Justice Really Is

Given the interesting circumstances surrounding Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s very controversial impeachment trial, it is only normal that countless philosophical debates have been raised regarding this issue; the credibility of the courts, the efficacy of the Constitution, the morality of the defense and the prosecution, President Noynoy Aquino’s (PNoy’s) sincerity, and of course, the defendant’s guilt or innocence.

However, over the course of the trial, countless times have I frowned upon Filipino romanticists who view this legal battle as some sort of a telenovela, where PNoy and the prosecution play as the stalwart protectors of morality and justice, while Corona and the defense play the role of the immoral villains. Indeed, the impeachment trial has been distorted to look like some sort of a macabre drama for a number of Filipinos.

Needless to say, a discussion of something more important is only rational; something that transcends the clichéd good versus evil scenario of the Filipino society. A discussion of “justice” is only fitting. What is justice? And more importantly, is justice being served in Corona’s impeachment trial?
Here is my personal take on the concept of justice. While I intend to say many things, for the sake of brevity, I shall provide a transcript of my most succinct argument, which I have conceived under the name “Axiom” in this article:

“Note: This post is aimed towards those who claim that the will of the people is with the prosecution, that the prosecution has the higher moral ground, etc.

Hahaha, morality, legality, impeachment…

Who says your view of morality is what’s absolutely moral? Who says you can punish someone, not with solid evidence but with your egos? Have you ever sat down and pondered on why there are so many views on morality throughout the ages?

That’s because morality as perceived by humanity is subjective. Morality differs from person to person. Two people involved in a fight will surely have different moral perspectives; conflicting moral perspectives, specifically.

Now, if you are the mediator, which moral perspective will you use? Do you honestly think you can produce a sound judgment by doing just that?

How has civilization overridden the emotional dilemma in the search for justice? They used a medium that’s devoid of any human bias. They used a medium that everyone can use without incriminating another or oneself unfairly. They used a medium where only the mind is the judge. They used “logic,” which in this case, is also called “law.”

Do you understand where I’m coming from? The only way we can achieve justice is to abolish every preconceived notion brought about by our personal prejudices. The only way justice is served is through a medium where facts and logic are the only things that matter, so that no one can put another in a moral disadvantage.

Therefore, I say this to you; stop the ad misericordiam arguments. The sorry state of our fellowmen, while undeniable, does not by any means give the lousy prosecution any merit. Stop associating the people with the prosecution and start listening to reason.

I am on neither side of this problem. However, this one thing I want; I want the rule of law. I want Corona to be convicted, or acquitted, with the use of evidence and logic. I want objectivity, for this is fairness; fairness, for nobody can muddle the problem with their one-sided emotional outbursts.

Justice cannot be served by transcending the law. You can’t obtain justice by being unfair yourself. Recognize everyone’s rights. Everyone has the right to be presumed guilty until proven otherwise. Everyone has the right to avoid testimony to avoid self-incrimination. Everyone has the right to fair trial. Everyone has the right to freedom within the rule of law.

Until the yellow zealots realize the true concept of freedom and equality which they claim to understand, they will never comprehend how the ideal legal system works, let alone justice.”

Indeed, the need to understand what justice really means is in order, especially in our increasingly dysfunctional society.


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I'm just throwing ideas around. I also love coffee.

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Hyden Toro
If you try to look, at a non-prejudicial perspective on the Corona impeachment…analyse it well, and have an open mind…the good question is: why is Justice Corona being impeached… If, it is because he is appointed by GMA…GMA is a crook, so Corona must be a crook also…for this reason Corona should had been impeached on the first day of Noynoy Aquino’s term of office… He enriched, himself. Who among you, acusers did not enriched yourself? Presenting fabricated evidences and more than 100 witnesses , will never alter the truth…Truth will stand itself in this case… It is because, Justice… Read more »
Vincenzo B. Arellano

Justice ba na patakasin si Gloria sa mga kasalanan nya sa bayan? Hanggang nandyan si Corona walang makakamit na hustisya ang Pilipino.


Prosecution in a nutshell:


Na subpoena ka na ba, Vicenzio?


p -noy’s attack dog in the senate – drilon
100 million peso mansion in forbes park in name of step-daughter – inquirer. acquired when land for airport expansion approved by him!
these hypocritical sh#ts should be strung up by their b%lls. worse than common criminals.
3rd world and going downhill fast with crooks in cabinet and senate.


The govt will be quietly reviewing the SALNs/ITRs of all senators and if bribery doesnt work then blackmail will. Once the 16 votes are in the bag the trial will end abruptly so that most articles are not even tackled and embarrassment to the govt avoided.
It will be all over by end feb at the latest.
senators simply looking to play to the gallery and find excuse for their vote. so far 12 in the bag.


Justice is simply punish the convicted, free the acquitted; convict the guilty, acquit the innocent.

When the impeachment trial is done and over, and if the CJ is acquitted (crossing my fingers to that), the 188 congressmen should be required to explain to the people one by one all the lies they sowed, their hate campaigns and demonizing the CJ. Our number 1 civil servant Pnoy owe to his bossess a detailed explanation.


lol the text brigade mobilize!!!

check this message from 09217196174:

Ibagsak ang Supreme Court! Mag PEOPLE POWER na tayo laban kay Corona! Support Prosecutor Cong. Jun-Jun Tupas for Senator sa 2013!

it could be possible that true intention was to turn-off the receiver and is pro-corona but lol!!!


lol text brigade are mobilize!!!

check out message from 09217196174:

Ibagsak ang Supreme Court! Mag PEOPLE POWER na tayo laban kay Corona! Support Prosecutor Cong. Jun-Jun Tupas for Senator sa 2013!

of course the true intention can be to turn-off the receiver and is pro-corona but lol!!!

Hyden Toro

Tupas is a Hacienda Luisita Swine. I don’t vote for Swines…


all these tongressmen are crooks. all of them got richer after making it to power.

Lord Chimera

A thought provoking read for you guys:

Although the article is about the conflict between the Executive(President Andrew Johnson) and Legislative(Republicans)it is almost remarkably similar to our current situation and also any senators who will base their judgement due to public opinion ought read Senator Edmund G. Ross of Kansas costly, but brave and right decision concerning President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment.

Read well you all.

nelson ongpauco

ano ba ang justice na sinasabi ninyo gumising kayo matagal ng walang justice sa pinas habang ang maga politiko at pulis at military at mga judge ay tumatanggap ng lagay malaking kawawa ang mga mahihirap kung gusto ninyo ang justice tumira kayo sa squatter area at pumunta kayo sa squatter ng muslim sa quiapo para hindi na kayo makalabas ng buhay justice !!justisin niyo ang mga amo ninyong magnanakaw .parepareho kayong baluktot ang katwiran