And so starts the circus of Renato Corona’s trial by publicity

The Philippine media seems to be stepping up a campaign to distort the facts surrounding the impeachment case against Philippine Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice (CJ) Renato Corona. It is evident in the way Michael Lim Ubac wrote on the very first line of his “report” World Bank: Loan to Supreme Court high risk that “The Supreme Court under the watch of Chief Justice Renato Corona has been weighed and found wanting.” But, as Get Real Post reader Domingo Arong pointed out in a comment there, “the loan was administered under the incumbencies of three other previous Chief Justices during a span of eight long years,”…

“The World Bank approved the loan in 2003” during the incumbency of CJ Hilario D. Davide (November 30, 1998 – December 20, 2005) and continued to be administered during the tenure of CJ Artemio V. Panganiban (December 20, 2005 – December 7, 2006).

The loan was to expire on Dec. 31, 2009, during the incumbency of CJ Reynato Puno (December 8, 2006 – May 17, 2010); however “the World Bank extended the closing date twice–first by 18 months (until June 30, 2011), and then by 12 months (until June 30, 2012).”

“Thus far,” the report continues, “the tribunal has spent $16.3 million (76 percent of the revised loan amount of $21.4 million.”

However, “due to questions over the fiscal discipline of the tribunal in adhering to loan stipulations, the World Bank cancelled the final tranche of the loan amounting to $0.5 million.”

Clearly, the above information is not consistent with the opening line of the very news “report” that it appears in. As if that instance of seemingly blatant twisting of facts weren’t enough, a paid ad was also placed in the 15th January 2012 edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer by an undisclosed group which had the words “Remove Arroyo’s Gatekeeper!” as its header and “Fight for what’s good! Save the Supreme Court! Remove Corona!” as its footer. Included in the ad was a cartoon depiction of an embattled Chief Justice being persecuted by the public…

The above image was posted on the PAID YELLOW AD on PDI today regarding CJ Corona look in page 10-1 folder of the Facebook page Showbiz Government with the following caption:

ABS-CBN and [the] Philippine Daily Inquirer headlined the World Bank misuse loan [refer here]. What the Yellow Media maliciously ignored was [that] the WB project was implemented in 2003 under CJ Hilario Davide, Jr. whose son was endorsed by Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) during the 2010 election. Sadly, [the] WB fund was audited during Renato Corona[‘s] watch. The head of the project committee was even another Justice. Not Corona. Who are you fooling, ABS–CBN and Philippine Daily Inquirer (Official)?


People are quick to say Corona is biased [for] former President Gloria Arroyo because [the] SC (a collegiate body) voted 19-0 in favor of Arroyo. Probably, they should ask the question if all 19 cases vs Arroyo were prepared WELL or hastily. If the cases were loose due to technical deficiencies/loopholes, you cannot expect [the] SC to uphold these cases because the very essence of their responsibility is to uphold the law in all its technicality. This should give Arroyo prosecutors the message [that] they should do the hard work and not cut corners. […]

[NB: Some of the above text was edited for clarity by the author of this blog and, as such, the above copy may be slightly different from the original.]

Earlier we noted how “social news network” site, an organisation of “online journalists” who promise “uncompromised journalism”, apparently published the original World Bank audit findings which were originally not intended for immediate public consumption, raising the possibility that the whole story around the WB findings were inappropriately leaked and used

It seems that [the WB report] was not supposed to be published publicly as yet but it was leaked to RAPPLER.COM. It is alleged that Andre[w] Parker husband of Presidential Management Staff chief [NB: Budget Secretary Abad’s daughter Julia Abad Parker is the director-general of the Presidential Management Staff] leaked the paper to RAPPLER. This is the report which seems to insinuate and fuel anti [Chief Justice Renato Corona] sentiments before Monday’s trial.

So much for “uncompromised journalism”. Veteran blogger Angela Stuart-Santiago notes in her call out to [ CEO Maria Ressa] that the whole Corona impeachment circus is a “trial by publicity, and rappler is part of it. too bad.” Too bad indeed. At a time when Filipinos now possess the tools to access an unprecedented volume of information, they can no longer rely on their traditional sources of said information for the truth.


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Lies that make my blood boil….lies..then damned lies…it’s unfair, evil and immoral pero yan ang kalakaran sa Pinas…bakit mo sisirain ang isang tao sa kasinungalingan?..My family and I pray for CJ Corona…malampsan sana nya ang kasinungalingan ng kasalukuyang administrasyon. I love Pinas but hate the Government. Canada OFW.


hehehe… the other point of view is this:

Thrilla in manila – take 2 Who said “It will be a killer, and a chiller, and a thriller, when I get the gorilla in Manila”. Muhammad Ali or Rep. Tupas Happy 70th birthday Muhammed Ali Confucius, he say – “The object of the superior man is truth”. I say – The goal of the hypocrite is self-interest and pork barrel. Lets us see which one the ‘honorable’ senators turn out to be. Already the black propaganda of p-noy,supported by irresponsible elements of the media, is resulting in a public backlash to their dirty tricks. If the senate does not… Read more »

midas marquez is obviously next in line

question. by whom and how is he appointed.
can a new cj remove him and re-appoint

Der Fuhrer

The above layout of the PDI news poster is a look alike of a late 1930’s anti-Jewish Nazi newspaper propaganda. The dictator Mr. Aquino likes using black propaganda and is very apparently into Nazi propaganda techniques.


Kapag hindi natuloy ang balak ng mga dilaw na tanggaling si CJ Corona, mag-abang na lang ng maiimpeach na itlog dahil malamang mawala nang tuluyan ang tiwala ng mga tao kahit pa sabihin nating madaling magmanipula ang media para gaguhin ang publiko. Mabuti na lang at may ganitong website dahil sa tingin ko parami nang parami ang namumulat na tao sa bansa.

Ms. Mike Portes

Mind conditioning at its finest, Goebbels Theory in action.


it is very clear that that aquino is a dictator…he ain’t like his parents.and why should we also believe all the articles of PDI? aquino owned that newspaper. his also an oligarch. and we all knew that oligarchs like him are the cause of our ” kahirapan” as they say thats why HE opposed the charter change of the previous administration because once our system of goverment is change there will be no place for oligarchs in the society. may god help CJ corona. oust that hitler in the palace.


Naku. Kung marinig niyo lang mga kapitbahay ko dito. It makes my skin crawl na ganitong klaseng breeding na meron ang mga Pilipino.


Let me pour a little vinegar to your wounds of bitterness. I am currently doing a round-collection to pay for a similar ads. So far I have collected $867 from my pocket and fellow OFWs. Don’t worry, the ads will be full of fun. You’ll see it in one of your most hated broadsheets later on.
BTW, if the WB document wasn’t really supposed to be released to the public, then WB can go after its employee who leaked it. In short, we can leave it to their discretion- no need to whine about it.


The packaging by the brand men of Noynoy themselves lied to the nation about the quality of said product. They (brandmen) were like the talking snake in the bible that duped the naive among us into taking a piece of that forbidden corrupt free and straight path tree of knowledge as symbolized by Noynoy, and deliver us from the evil of the past regime. And as the story goes, we all knew what happened next in the bible.

ellen tordesillas exposed the wb report as a hoax with a full copy of the hoax email on her website “I’m the one saying it’ s a hoax. The WB report, which can be found in its website, does not carry criticisms of Corona and Marquez. In fact, it has a positive assessment of the project. That’s why they extended it.” e tordesillas the fact that drillon and p-noy on monday were calling for an investigation into the wb report shows clearly where the hoax report came from and is being used to draw midas marquez into the picture as… Read more »
jesus v a villamor III
jesus v a villamor III

is it not obvious to everyone that the prosecution does not have anything on corona and they are resorting to trial by publicity hoping corona will do a merci? but since corona wanted his day in court, now they have to invent things to diss the CJ…

Hyden Toro

You can see how these YellowTards and their propaganda tool: the Lopez ABS-CBN Media, distort the Truth.
You will see evidences presented in the Senate, as Fraudulent Evidences…Noynoy Aquino and the Cojuangcos want desperately to take back their Hacienda Luisita. And they have no shame to show that they want to monopolize Power. Become another Khadafy family of the Philippines. What they have done to the People of Tarlac. They want to do it in the Philippines…


p-noy did not sell his hacienda luisita shares. he transferred them to kris aquino.
maybe the defense will bring this out at some point to underline the motive, the hypocricy and the lies/hiding the truth.

p-noy let everyone see the deed of transfer

up nn Grad

Amazing how the YELLOW’s are blind to the importance of Corona and the Hacienda Luisita item.

There is BIG MONEY at stake — the BIG MONEY is how much per hectare Hacienda Luisita stockholders will get reimbursed. Corona Court has already put the number (to be the land value when HL corporation held up the distribution of the land). “That’s too small!!! The price has to be fair!!” said Persi-Noynoy, and shortly thereafter the Impeach-Corona gained stronger momentum.


At a time when Filipinos now possess the tools to access an unprecedented volume of information, they can no longer rely on their traditional sources of said information for the truth.

Unfortunately, in spite of the growing availability of these alternate sources of information, pinoys still prefer traditional media to do the thinking for them. Tsk, tsk, tsk…ABS-CBN/TFC still provides the kind of entertainment that indulges pinoy addiction for the cheap and repetitive themes and storylines which promote the status quo and reinforce small-mindedness, instead of motivating pinoys to rather challenge them.


Anybody here knows about JounoList?