Proud to be Pinoy because of Pacquiao

Congrats to manny pacquiao!! pinoy pride yeah!!!!”

That was one twitter message from a Manny Pacquiao fan after the boxing champion’s controversial win over Mexican boxer, Juan Manuel Marquez.

Manny Pacquiao in Filipiniana

Pacquiao was the aggressor throughout, and landed some sharp punches of his own. But when the decision was announced, the crowd booed roundly and, once again Marquez had lost a close fight.

One ringside judge had it a 114-114 draw, while two others favored Pacquiao by 115-113 and 116-112. The Associated Press had it 114-114.

I often wonder what Filipinos like the above would say if and when Manny loses a boxing match. Are they still going to be “proud to be Pinoy” or are they going to bury their heads in the sand in shame?

To me, anyone who says, “I am proud to be Pinoy!” after Manny Pacquiao wins a fight has an identity crisis. Stop to think about it. When Manny Pacquiao wins, is it every Filipino in the ring with him while he fights? I don’t think so. Pacquiao may put our country on the map with what he does achieve, but why can’t Filipinos be proud as a people regardless? Does it have to take someone from the outside to tell us “Hey, you guys are ok!” before we can believe in our capabilities?

One of these days, Manny will lose a fight. It is inevitable. He can’t win every fight forever. It’s not possible. Even if he doesn’t lose, as an athlete, Manny only has his youth and stamina before he packs up his bags, go home, and retire.

Let’s face it. Boxing has never been the cleanest of sports. Characters from the underground have been known to rig fights just to please the audience. And if Filipinos continue to depend on Manny’s win just to feel “proud” to be Pinoy, they really need to have their head examined.

So please. The next time Manny wins a fight, try not to say, Proud to be Pinoy!


Post Author: Ilda

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