Bus bombing on EDSA: PNoy Government under threat?

Who would have thought that the Year 2011 would start out with a bang? The smoke from the illegal firecrackers from the New Year’s eve celebrations haven’t even dissipated yet; now we have smoke billowing from public transport explosions, adding to the haze that an already dazed and confused Philippine population is struggling to see through.

Carnappings with murder in the last two weeks, assassinations of journalists last week and this week, a bombing of a public utility vehicle; it’s just another regular day in this lawless land called the Philippines.

Why is there an increase in crime rate you might ask? There is nothing surprising about what is happening in the Philippines. Truth be told, when you have a weak leader; bad elements will rise to the occasion. Organized crime suddenly gets more brazen as an unsuspecting public let their guard down thinking that their holier-than-thou President will inspire goodness.

Sadly, this whole “goody-two-shoes” act by Philippine President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) just makes him look like a pushover. With four people dead and 14 people injured in the recent bus bomb blast, pushing him to his limits is exactly what criminals are doing at the moment. As expected, PNoy issued his statement in his usual mumbling style shortly after the devastation:

“Tignan muna natin ang ebidensiya bago maghusga (Let’s look at the evidence first before passing judgment). I don’t want to libel anybody. I have my suspicions pero hindi ako pwedeng mag-engage sa haka-haka (but I could not engage in speculations),” Aquino said.

Yes, boss; another fiasco, another investigation, which will likely lead to nowhere. The Mendoza hostage investigation – Where is it now?

Aside from having a weak leader, low apprehension and conviction rates contribute to the increase in crime rate. For all we know, the low apprehension rate might even be attributed to the allegation that some trusted members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) or the Philippine military may be in on the despicable acts of violence. And even in cases when criminals do get caught, the courts are often inefficient (or too corrupt) to punish them. In other words, impunity is the name of the game.

The government’s plunder case against former military comptroller Carlos Garcia is case in point. For reasons unclear, Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez who took over the case allowed the retired general to post bail and possibly get away with plunder even when the case against Garcia was strong. It’s another legal wrangling favoring the accused.

Unemployment also contributes to the rise in criminal activity. PNoy’s promise of “walang corrupt, kung walang mahirap” fails to deliver because poverty drives most people in desperate situations to do callous acts just to survive. As long as PNoy does not implement any radical measures to create more jobs for the growing number of unemployed Filipinos, criminal activities will grow along with it.

The high crime rate in the country also leads to a growing need for private armies or “hired goons”. Those who feel the need to hire private armies include lawmakers or public servants because they are targets of political rivals who have no qualms about eliminating their opponents. Unfortunately, this situation makes our lawmakers less motivated to find effective solutions to crime. And worse, private armies, which often operate without proper oversight and supervision, are apt to commit abuses and violence themselves.

Our society is unfortunately under threat by bad elements that are slowly but surely taking over our country. The rest of the Philippine population however would dismiss this urgent situation as something that is “trivial”. They would panic for a day but party the next because they would rather leave it up to a divine being’s “will”.


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Ever since the new administration started, I just feel less safe.  

There was even a crime spree targeting taxi drivers. And they were minors from 13 to 16.  They rob the drivers and kill them.  It was a few months ago in Iloilo.


I have this chilling feeling that they will declare it is not a terror attack …

And yet most of the country is on its knees at mass on Sundays. Do these murderers and other criminals go to confession and wipe the slate clean for the next stunt? Or does the gospel message just go over their heads. I hesitate to draw this conclusion but I get the impression that states where Roman Catholicism is strong also show high organised crime levels, Mexico for example. Regarding collection of crime stats, does anyone know how this is done? In our rural town of about 50,000 we seem to get a murder every 3 months or so. If… Read more »

i would agree.
well written observations.
especially the point that all know now how weak and ineffectual p-noy is.
it was reported to day that the permanent drunk in the cabinet was saying in public that p-noy is scatter-brained and this is from
his friend!

he stumbles into a room
he mumbles his speeches
he bumbles his love life
he fumbles any decision
he crumbles under pressure
his credibility tumbles
the criminals rumble


“I don’t want to libel anybody. I have my suspicions pero hindi ako pwedeng mag-engage sa haka-haka” from Aquino’s statement. from this statement I think his referring to GMA again, well he always find ways to associate this kind of incident to GMA.

I guess this incident will be forgotten in a few days, PNoy will just do his routine:
apologize, show sympathy, and will promise to conduct an investigation = back to normal


and in the time of need where is puno.
i am told on a shooting holiday in the states which no doubt taxpayers are paying for.
the administration would be a joke if it were not the fact that lives are being lost whilst they drink, party and travel.

The Philippine Guild
private army? jose maria sison’s private army of NPAs have been bombing and setting buses on fire in mindanao and the visayas. it’s just a pity that when a bus in Makati gets bombed, the mainstream media is all over it like ondoy. kaya nga tamporurot ang mga probinsya. to think na noynoy let this happen by being lax coz he ignored the intelligence about the terrorist threat sa manila. he even got angry at the leaders of other countries for presenting the intelligence report via a travel advisory. and i call on those pinoys (soco and students) who posed… Read more »
I’d agree. Our country is less safe ever since a weak leader took the post of being president. Everyday in the news you’d hear that someone gets killed by a gunman. Everyday. Now, bus bombings. Last August 2010, it was terror for foreigners. And we’re just heading towards the first year of the Aquino administration. What’s next? By the way, they say that the people needs to follow the leader. Well, it’s like the leader is not taking things and matters of our country on a serious scale. So, there goes most of the  people, following the leader, just leaving… Read more »

“We must love one another or die.” – W. H. Auden

Can’t be too glitzy now. Peace.


Read this timely comment from God of War 3..

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.” -Plato

So in Pnoy’s case, he does nothing. Therefore, theres nothing to measure up.



No one’s giving good news; even P-Noy ran out of it. (What I predicted.) It’s so appalling, the way they fill up the missing news slots. Gagawa na nga lang tayo ng news, bad news pa? Peace.

Hyden Toro

Noynoy Aquino has no leadership qualities. His caliber was shown in dismal condition during the Tragic Quirino Hostage Incident. It is because, he oversold himself to the voters during the election. The Oligarch Media created myth and fantasy around him, that he is a very capable leader. In truth, he is not…


from a certain alchemist00 in the inquirer news article comments: “so what do you want the Pres to do on this incident? Those travel advisory has no basis that time. There are a lot of you like here who just post and post anything without thinking first. ” referring to the Nov 2010 travel advisories — link: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/211456/aquino-sees-terrorist-hand-in-makati-bus-blast

UP nn grad

Nagbigay na ng statement si Presidente NoyNoy.

He says :Makakasiguro po ang lahat …. tulad ng bombing noong bar exams, magkakaroon ng kalutasan po itong sitwasyon na ito. Nakatututok po ang lahat ng ahensya ng pamahalaan para masigurado ang kaligtasan ng lahat.”


Has Noynoy Administration convicted anyone from the BAR EXAM bombing?
Is anyone in jail from the BAR EXAM bombing?


ignorance. incompetence. impunity. — these are the only things transparent in the 2nd aquino administration.


Like mother like son. Incompetence does run in the family.


p-noys reign

bombs exploding, people dying
criminals carjacking, mothers crying
p-noy driving

senators snoring, congress boring
politicians stealing, celebs playing
p-noy thinking

ochoa drinking, puno shooting
binay plotting, de lima working
p-noy relaxing

singson snorting, marcos fading
estrada dreaming, arroyo lying
p-noy sleeping

poverty increasing,jobs decreasing
commies rebelling,anarchy swelling
p-noy dating

FoI stalling, chinese controlling
waters rising, climate changing
p-noy grinning

pacman endorsing, willie wailing
kris a divorcing, abunda talking
p-noy balding

buildings falling, streets burning
tourists fleeing,anarchy prevailing
p-noy retiring


p-noy r u listening

no more joking
i’m here choking
seeing children dying
& politicians lying

voters are expecting
people need protecting
the country needs leading
the clock is ticking

stop spinning, start communicating
stop playing, start working

p-noy r u listening


a few weeks ago the uk govt issued a heightened alert for the philippines. this is only done when there is specific knowledge of an imminent threat.
this was shared with philippines govt who chose to ignore it.
if the bus bomb is the resuld then p-noy and his incompetents and stay away puno have blood on their hands for not taking at least some additional precautions rather than doing nothing as per usual