People Power Again?? Think Again!
A message to Cory Aquino and the Filipino People

24 February 2008

Transcript of the above video follows:

Filipinos have become addicted to People Power revolutions. Our society is dying from this addiction.

In September 2005, the first impeachment bid against President Arroyo failed to pass Congress. Former president Cory Aquino took the cue to lead a protest rally in Commonwealth Avenue that was expected to lead to another People Power spectacle -- presumably to continue where Congress failed.

That fizzled out spectacularly. Arroyo is still president today and Aquino has gone from Ms Edsa Revolution to pathetic chump.

So you just have to ask why we again see her in her ho-hum yellow outfit with the rest of the Catholic Mafia knelt in prayer before the paparazzi.

Groups addicted to PeoplePower clamoring for a modern democratic society fail to see the irony in what Cory Aquino, the Catholic Church, and the 2008 Opposition, would have us do -- yet again ignore modern institutions and due proces in favour of The Inquisition.

What can be a more fitting reminder of primitive medieval sorcery than the sight of feudal landowners and oligarchs hand-in-hand with the clergy inciting misguided fervor on an ignorant throng of people?

Do we want a modern country run by modern institutions or a primitive country run by Organised Religion?

Do we as a people want to continue to play the part of the ignorant throng dancing to the tune of these characters?

At the heart of this crisis, there is no Pro-Arroyo or Anti-Arroyo. This is about what we want to be as a society.

We want to be known as a people who do things properly. In 1986 there was no alternative to People Power. Today 2008, people will have us believe that we are fighting for freedom. Yet the reality is that we already have this freedom. We only choose to mis-use it -- hitting the streets at the drop of a hat whenever Cory Aquino and a bunch of bishops are not happy.

Contrary to what they say we are a free people. And we are free to do the RIGHT thing today. Use the proper channels to reach your representatives in Congress. And NEXT TIME, vote for the right people.

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