08 Jun 2010

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Noynoy and Kamaganak Inc Help us connect the dots and piece together the puzzle of Kamaganak Inc in an on-line relationship diagram. Let's help lift the veil on the mysteries of the forces of primitivism that imprisons the Filipino nation!
(Added 08 Jun 2010)

Noynoy@GRP.com! We graciously welcome the 2010 to 2016 of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III! Check out our one-stop-shop on everything about the fifteenth President of the Republic of the Philippines.
(Added 29 May 2010)

Vote with your remote! Change the channel, click on 'Next', or read a book instead. The Philippine Media is turning your brain into mush. The home page of the new Philippine Revolution!
(Added 14 Feb 2010)

The hidden message of the 'Laban' sign. Check out the image. If you look hard enough, you will find the true meaning of that famous "L" hand gesture.
(Added 06 Feb 2010)


Ten Years of Get Real Philippines!
All ye online activists -- bloggers, commentators, and lurkers! Let's congratulate ourselves for taking a position and communicating! Though we may not reach the unwired masses (many of whom don't even have a television set much less access to the Net), we are in a privileged position to reach the movers and shakers of our society:

(1) The influential and resource-rich who shape policy (our oligarchs, government officials, and industrialists); and,

(2) The opinion-makers who shape thought (our journalists, performing artists, and religious leaders)

For the longest time, mass communication has been a tool confined to those who control the capital-intensive physical hardware to disseminate information widely and cheaply. Now that tool is ours as well -- and the last thing we need is for old demagogues and traditional thought leaders to monopolise this technology.

So contrary to what your parents raised you to be, you need to get over that uniquely-Pinoy mentality of deferring to the senior and the powerful. Speak up and beg to differ! What is popular is not necessarily right, and what is traditional is not necessarily what is relevant today. To be able to figure that out requires thinking, and that is a field that GetRealPhilippines.com has been a leader in for the past ten years.

On the 1st of August 2010, we celebrate our TENTH ANNIVERSARY of leading in the effort of getting Filipinos to think. It is a simple aspiration -- that our people engage in the right thinking as the fundamental underpinning for a society truly entitled to join the ranks of the the prosperous global community.
21 Mar 2010

The Fall of the Yellow Army
What a way to end the first decade of the 21st Century in Philippine Politics. What history has since revealed to be a seminal piece by the eminent blogger Cocoy Dayao on FilipinoVoices.com spawned a blog article in response to it by benign0 that went on to inspire the groundbreaking challenge that made and broke the campaigns of the candidates to the 2010 Presidential Elections -- Platform, Plez.

The Armies of Truth, Enlightenment and Modernity have succeeded in breaking a decades-long imprisonment of the Filipino mind within the small square of personality politics that has for so long skewed Philippine elections towards the choices of the small-minded. With the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century, we hope to see the first steps our sad nation takes to earn its place among the roll of truly democratic societies.
06 Feb 2010

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