06 Nov 2009

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Philippine Scorecard 2009. A study that finds that the Philippines remains below-average in overall performance on a global scale, and is significantly behind most of its competitors and trading partners in the Asia-Pacific region. A timely piece in the lead up to the 2010 elections in that it highlights areas where the national "debate" should be focusing on.
(Added 06 Nov 2009)

Flooding: a system of factors. Thousands of Filipino lives have been lost and millions of dollars in property damage sustained as a result of disasters caused by weather disturbances common in the region. Much of what contributes to the devastation is the result of years of neglect and lack of foresight.
(Added 01 Oct 2009)

Pag-usapan natin: Philippine elections. The challenge of 2010, or any election for that matter, is not some kind of "laban" as some old-school pundits, "activists", and politicians purport it to be. The challenge is maturity in the way we conduct ourselves as an electorate. We get a bit more visual in our pushing this message by delivering it in cartoon form!
(Added 21 Sep 2009)

Kahol ng Bayan. This is a poem that was developed around a three-line mantra (its last stanza) that dates back to early 2000 when it was used extensively to emphasize a truth about Filipinos in various discussion forums.
(Added 10 May 2009)

Substance matters in an economic crisis. A financial implosion sees no bottom in a society that lacks economic substance.
(Added 22 Jan 2009)

"Awareness" of poverty is just a fashion statement. We are a society imprisoned in a mindset that is grounded on the notions that we cannot influence our own destinies, that employment is owed to us by Government, and that those who have more have in some way deprived us of opportunity simply by being "more fortunate".
(Added 11 Jan 2009)

90 million plus 1.5 million unwanted babies every year. Half of an entire generation of Filipinos touted as the "hope" of the country is being born unwanted.
(Added 07 Jan 2009)

Philippine Golf: Welcome to the jungle!. Once exclusive playgrounds of the colonial and mercantile classes, today's golf clubs in Manila no longer afford their members a sanitised environment free from in-your-face reminders about the reality that the Philippines remains a feudal Third World society after more than half a century of independence.
(Added 31 Dec 2008)


Farewell, Geocities.com
Get Real Philippines first blinked into the World Wide Web on the first of August 2000. It ran on a free Geocities account at Geocities.com/benign0 and did so until yesterday 26th October 2009 when Geocities was taken offline by Yahoo! for good. Even when we acquired our own domain and hosting serivice at GetRealPhilippines.com in 2005, much of what we originally built on Geocities remained online and became increasingly interlinked with new content being built on our new domain -- until the announcement we knew would come sooner or later came mid this year.

There is nothing like a really dead deadline to galvanise one to action. A migration plan was hatched and within three weeks all the assets on Geocities had been migrated to GetRealPhilippines.com/legacy and links to all content added after GetRealPhilippines.com came online updated.

As we bid farewell to Geocities, the granddaddy of online communities, we'd like to acknowledge with thanks the high-quality virtually problem-free service it provided us over the last nine years of its hosting Get Real Philippines.
27 Oct 2009

Being an anti-Pinoy can best be described as having a misguided sense of patriotism. The anti-Pinoy encourages a bizarre pride for values, traditions, belief systems, and practices that have had a poor track record of serving our society well.

The antipinoy.com logo symbolises, well, the Anti-Pinoy. Everything about what makes the Pinoy a consistent under-performer in a region of high-achievers is captured by the simple image of a man reaching for the skies not with outstretched hands but with his gaping mouth -- a tribute to the classic Filipino parable Juan Tamad (John the Lazy).

In AntiPinoy.com, we have gathered the best minds in the business of exploring, deconstructing, and exposing the true essence of the psyche behind the anti-Pinoy. It is only in understanding the biggest hurdle the Filipino faces in his march towards prosperity -- himself -- that we can find real hope in finding a better Philippines somewhere in our future as a people. The Filipino's biggest enemy is itself -- The Anti-Pinoy. Get to know the Anti-Pinoy. Are you one?
06 Sep 2009

Platform, plez!
Election in and election out, the quality and level of the National "Debate" around the crop of politicians that happen to be vying for name recall slots in the minds of Filipino voters remains disturbingly the same. The analysis is always mainly around the whats and what-nots of one bozo's decision to run, his "winnability", and what kind of "higher power" is behind whatever moral or idealist ascendancy a politician may claim to be his. But there is one simple principle that needs to be the focus of any challenge an intelligent electorate needs to routinely make to a politician making a campaign pitch to them:

Platform, please.

It's simple, really. Having a vision for the Philippines is the whole point of being a candidate for public office as far as an intelligent electorate is concerned. And the only reliable evidence that such a vision exists is if a politician is readily able to articulate it. Check out our platform from which we will launch this campaign to pick Filipino politicians' brains intelligently by clicking on the following link:


Watch that space as we piece together a picture of the nature and extent of what intellectual substance (if any) undepins the personalities that our country's "experts" so love to "analyse" and speculate on and what the public so eagerly laps up.
23 Jul 2009

A great year
What a great year 2008 was! It was our most prolific and productive year thanks mainly to our foray into blogging at FilipinoVoices.com, our satellite site on Facebook.com and our experimentation with content management systems.

As if the cultural issues of the Philippines already presented formidable challenges to our society's aspirations in prosperous times, we now find ourselves in the midst of the most severe global depressions since the Great One that gripped the latter part of the first half of the 20th Century. For most societies and economic entities, good times tended to mask liabilities. Not so for the Philippines. Our own mediocre prosperity as a people was built on a sand dune of Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) remittances, export of labour-added-value goods with high imported material input, and retail and consumption of non-durable goods.

With very little capital and assets (i.e. actual substance to serve as a bottom upon which we can crash onto) baked into the Philippine economy it would be interesting to see how 2009 pans out (explore this concept here). Watch this space!
18 Feb 2009

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