13 Feb 2009

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Video: Philippine Presidential Elections. Let us evaluate our candidates with a critical mind this coming elections. See beyond the glossy campaign ads and paraphernalia and use our heads. Ask the right questions. Popularity has never been a reliable indicator of the validity of ideas. We need to be prepared to make and accept the hard decisions.
(Added 16 Aug 2008)

Video: Rice: Pay the Price!. Our latest animated short! Rice accounts for up to 40% of the calorie intake of Filipinos. Meals are incomplete without it. The Philippines had gone from being a major exporter of rice in the 1960's to the world's largest importer today. This dependence makes the country vulnerable to price and supply fluctuations in the world market.
(Added 01 Jul 2008)

Busy-ness Does Not Equal Business. Ben Kritz writes about how that inherent Pinoy heritage of smallness impacts our ability to build a truly world-class capital-intensive industrial base.
(Added 11 Jun 2008)

Video: The Real Adventures of Juan - Leyte 2006 mudslide. Our first foray into animated cartoons! Deforestation is destroying the Philippines and killing tens of thousands of its people. This animated short tells a simple story of how it happens.
(Added 11 May 2008)

Video: The Philippines after Ninoy Aquino: What has changed?. Ninoy Aquino made the "ultimate sacrifice". Was it worth it? What has changed? What are we doing differently? If we are still up to the same things, how do we expect different results?
(Added 17 Apr 2008)

Video: A Message to Young Filipinos. Hope in a prosperous Philippines lies in young Filipinos. They are an asset that needs to be developed rather than wasted on mindless consumerism.
(Added 24 Mar 2008)

Hall of shame: Philippine street "revolutions". What is the common denominator across the four major street "revolutions" that adorn Philippine history over the last two and a half decades? None other than the Lady-in-Yellow herself.
(Added 04 Mar 2008)

Video: A message to Cory Aquino. Talk of Fiesta Revolution is in the air again as the Lady in Yellow is again locking arms with the usual men in robes to get into the heads of a vacuous people.
(Added 24 Feb 2008)

Slideshow: Why Filipinos Suck at Democracy. A simple and intuitive guide to that well-known but often-denied reality about Filipinos and their cherished but ill-understood form of government.
(Added 11 Jan 2008)


GRP Next Generation!
Check out the Beta version of our new look. Type in "GetRealPhilippines.com" on your browsers and see the new Get Real Philippines!

Note: GRP Next Gen Beta is undergoing further development. In the meantime, the following articles authored by 'benign0' can be accessed at our Facebook satellite page. The following link directly to these articles:

- Substance matters in an economic crisis
- "Awareness" of poverty is just a fashion statement
- 90 million plus 1.5 million unwanted babies every year
- Philippine Golf - welcome to the jungle!

15 Nov 2008 [Updated 13 Feb 2009]

Our first foray into the blogosphere! FilipinoVoices.com was started on the 1st of April 2008 by Nick of the widely respected blog Tingog.com. Filipino Voices brings together some of the finest minds in the Pinoy blogosphere to form a collaborative effort to understand the real nature of the challenges Filipinos face in their efforts to prosper.

FilipinoVoices.com is more than a blog, it's a start to the growing power of The Filipino to manifest his own destiny in the online world, which hopefully will have an impact on the physical and more tangible world we live in. Words are powerful and we the bloggers of FilipinoVoices.com know this to be the true power of this blog.

Participate and collaborate! Check it out here!
23 Apr 2008

Welcome back to Square One!
We open 2008 with the expectation that the next two years in the Philippines will essentially be a mind-numbing "presidentiable"-obssessed waste of time and energy. Appropriately enough, our first major content addition this year is our groundbreaking slideshow Why Filipinos Suck at Democracy. While the rest of the world goes on to achieve brilliant feats of innovation and human progress, Filipinos will, as usual, be busy muddling along in mediocrity, discussing the latest cellphone trinket, and debating the singing and dancing skills of the next presidential candidate in the months leading up to the 2010 presidential elections.

Despite this "freedom" we imagine ourselves to possess, we are clueless as to how to wield this power productively. The way we squander "freedom" today to participate in the crusades of the very characters reviled by the masses -- our politicians, religious leaders, and "elders" -- is no different from the way we squandered other assets that came before it -- our forests, our minerals, and, now, our most skilled compatriots. Randy David revisited Jose Rizal's timeless essay "Indolence of the Filipinos" in an end-of-year article on the Inquirer.net, quoting the man:

[...] the blind subjection of youth to his elders, influence the mind not to aspire to excel those who preceded him and merely to be content to follow or walk behind them. Stagnation inevitably results from this, and as he who devotes himself to copying fails to develop his inherent qualities [...]

Indeed, freedom grants Filipinos the power to explore options that the small minds of their elders failed to chart. Instead, subsequent generations of Filipinos have chosen to mold their minds around the very same kinds of thinking that our "elders" had beholden themselves to; ultimately resulting in the chronic failure that is Philippine society today.

And so we as a people continue to sing and dance to the same tunes today, applying the same thought processes that, not surprisingly, always yield the same outcomes.
12 Jan 2008. Comment here.

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