05 Dec 2007

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Does the Philippines Have a Dick?. A country of more than 80 million can't even produce one good leader, let alone the 200-odd souls required to run a decent legislature. If this is democracy at work, then it is an indictment on the character of the Filipino people and our willingness to take personal accountability for our future prosperity.
(Added 05 Dec 2007)

The Unoccupied Colony. OFW dollars - boon or bain? Just like logs were once a primary cash cow for the substance-starved Philippine economy, warm Filipino bodies now fuel an unsustainable boom.
(Added 03 Nov 2007)

Featured blog: Democracy is a process and not a state. In a review of the article "Mature Democracy (Governance in a Postmodern World)" by Ken White, Ernesto Posadas highlight how two ingredients of a successful democracy - right structures and right purposes are still to materialise in the Philippines.
(Added 11 Jun 2007)

The old vacuous debate. In an in-between-elections period, what else is there to keep vacuous minds busy? None other than the same old discussion on the short-sighted topics of the day that will galvanise the next "united" opposition for the next Fiesta Election.
(Added 31 May 2007)

2007: Genuine Opposition?. Or more likely geniune agendas? Yet another election, yet another "united" opposition against yet another "evil" incumbent. And so the cycle starts again.
(Added 02 May 2007)

Manny Pacquiao and his 20 guns. "Approve agad!" It pays to be Manny Pacquiao, specially in an election year.
(Added 26 Jan 2007)

More of the same thing. Cheating politicians, boxing heroes, charter change. The sad truth is that Philippine society is no better than it was twenty years ago. Year 2007 promises more of pretty much the same.
(Added 10 Jan 2007)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 09 Jan 2007)


Essentially moronic
Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw -- literally translated: dance, Filipino, dance. Recent events that continue to highlight just how intellectually-bankrupt Filipino society is have yet again flooded the information dissemination infrastructure of Philippine society. An ex-president convicted of plunder recently pardoned, and a soldier elected senator while imprisoned for rebellion make grinding and repetitive headline news as of this writing. The global community has ceased to care. Filipinos vacuously cheer and jeer the events and personalities.

The Philippine media makes billions harvesting entertainment value out of what are essentially trivial spectacles. Yet over the years it managed to engineer a martyr-like image for itself that Filipinos all but lap up to this day. It's high time Filipinos re-think this guardian-of-freedom pedestal that we have placed the Media upon. Gone are the days when the Philippine Press held a monopoly over "credible" representation of the "voice of the people". Institutions are now in place to do just that. All Filipinos need is to grow the brains required to use them properly.
05 Dec 2007. Comment here.

Jim Paredes
gets real!
Let's welcome an enlightened celebrity into the "getrealist" gang! Mr. Jim Paredes blogged in 13th May 2007 about how "[t]hings will not change, not until the party wears out and a more responsible archetype takes over who will want to clean up the mess we've made" (our italics). Mr. Paredes characterises this Filipino archetype as one that (among others) loves parties, has a short memory, and is unconcerned about serious problems.

Most tellingly, he says:

The child in us [Pinoys] lives in a mythic, magical world where we expect a handsome prince to save us at the last minute, or that things will get better with the wave of a magic wand, without any need for us to change.

Great start! Celebrity entails profound responsibility. It is when our most influential compatriots embrace reality that we dare to hope for real change. Jim has come a long way from indignation towards the truth about Pinoys, to this realisation of what is real.

There is hope, when hope can be substantiated by real change!
20 May 2007. Comment here.

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We begin the campaign to spread the great word of Get Real Philippines! to the MySpace.com community. Check out "benign0" on MySpace.com/benign0! We've been partcipating in MySpace forums since last year. 2007 is the year we step up our campaign to inculcate "getrealist" thought into the wired Filipino global youth, many of whom have made MySpace as their preferred tambayan (hangout). Visit GetRealPhilippines' space here and join the ever-growing "getrealist" bandwagon!!
13 Jan 2007

Click here to view old splash image Odd man out
And so we leave 2006 and retire the old splash page. Whereas most of the our neighbours performed with a consistency that lives up to the region's reputation as a dynamic epicentre of prosperity, the Philippines stood out as the odd man out. Old issues and old non-added-value endeavours prevailed in 2006. What's more, barely out of what should have been a between-elections respite from political circuses, we enter 2007 faced with the next cycle of fiesta election spectacles.

Thus the theme of this year's splash page. Many will preach the gospel of "hope" in a prosperous Philippines in the future. Hope in what exactly? The next crop of politicians? That remains to be seen of course. But if our track record after 21 years of Pinoy-style "democracy" is any indication... well, read all about it in our first article of the New Year.
10 Jan 2007

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