22 Oct 2005

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New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 22 Oct 2005)

A Heritage of Smallness Nick Joaquin's brilliant take on why Filipinos cannot seem to think, dream, and achieve big.
(Added 19 Oct 2005)

Why Get Real Philippines?. This slide show should help drive the point!
[Download PDF Version.]
(Added 28 Sep 2005)

Death of a Filipino invention. Just three months short of its 20th birthday, Pinoy-style People Power already tired from over-use gasps its final breath at the hands of its own mother in a final exhibition of utter pathos. Deal with reality and get back to work, Philippines.
(Added 10 Sep 2005)

A fair trial, followed by a fair hanging As expected, the impeachment process is sputtering courtesy of the popularly elected politicians who are executing it. And Filipinos are not happy because we fail to see the irony of the situation.
(Added 24 Aug 2005)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 11 Aug 2005)

What next?. Filipinos are in the middle of yet another frenzy of political intrigue and street parliamentarism. All the while paying taxes to sustain expensive institutions that are supposed to be properly managing what is now in the hands of the lynch mob that is the Philippine Nation.
(Added 09 Jul 2005)

The end of a philosopher-king. President Arroyo is among the most educated and well-bred presidents in our country's history. Unfortunately good breeding and university education does not make one immune from the disease of Pinoyness.
(Added 29 Jun 2005)

Solutions section has been migrated to GetRealPhilippines.com from Geocities. Please update your links and shortcuts.
(Migrated 28 Jun 2005)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 17 Jun 2005)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 22 Mar 2005)

New interesting link:
benign0 Fan Site. A "benign0" blog set up in blogspot sometime December 2004. Check it out for some amusing insight into how some people perceive "benign0"!!
(Link added 02 Mar 2005)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 06 Jan 2005)

Our perverted society. Our society has a world-class talent for perverting great ideas. And then we blame the originators of these ideas for our chronic dysfunction...
(Added 05 Jan 2005)


Click here! Random Ranting!
We've added a section where we compile various random rants that would otherwise have been scattered across various forums and blog comments. This is a collection of pure unadulterated off-the-cuff getrealista writing -- a-la Erap (therefore a form most Pinoys would be comfortable with)! Check it out here!

Featured rant: A PCIJ blog hosted discussion with the venerable Patricio Abinales. Read as the be-credentialed Pinoy "intellectual" struggles to grasp simple getrealist concepts here!
13 Oct 2005

The hypocrisy of the Left
That's right. Back to normal ol' Philippines and back to the old clear and present danger -- the continued efforts of our society's "Leftist" elements to take advantage of the ambient discontent of a mediocre society. Lest impressionable Pinoys fall for the old rhetoric of a few minds that are relics of the Cold War, here is some insight on the character of the Prophet of the Left written by Paul Johnson in his excellent book Intellectuals:

[Karl] Marx always preferred to associate with middle-class intellectuals like himself. When he and Engels created the Communist League, and again when they formed the International, Marx made sure that working-class socialists were eliminated from any positions of influence and sat on committees merely as statutory proles. His motive was partially intellectual snobbery, partly that men with actual experience of factory conditions tended to be anti-violence and in favour of modest, progressive improvements: they were knowledgeably sceptical about the apocalyptic revolution he claimed was not only necessary but inevitable. Some of Marx's most venomous assaults were directed against men of this type.

This passage has been incorporated in a 2002 article which serves as our best context for it: Who is the true practitioner of "Nationalism"? Lest the "masses" think that these so-called "progressives" are on their side, we advise them to think again.
11 Aug 2005

Ho hum...
And so, like a neat little project, we begin the month with what for now looks like a reversion from Fiesta Crisis back to what passes for normalcy in the Philippines -- muddling-along-in-mediocrity.

Fiesta Crisis 2005 kicked off in June with the release to the public of incriminating recordings of the President speaking to a COMELEC official during vote counting back in the 2004 Presidential elections (details). The crisis built up steam for several weeks on hollow-headed calls for street activity by the usual groups (which resulted in a few sporadic "rallies") and an arms race of "statements" from various "concerned" groups either encouraging or discouraging the resignation of President Arroyo. All of these were lapped up hungrily by the public like dogs (details). In mid-July the frenzy culminated on Ayala Avenue in what was supposed to be the mother of all 2005 rallies. It fizzled out so ridiculously that it is now just short of being written off history.

Sunstar.com had this to report in an article the day following the rally (excerpt below):

It looked like a huge street party with an interesting mix of characters... Street vendors were out in full force, peddling corn on the cob, boiled bananas, fish balls, deep-fried chicken gizzards on a stick and scoops of ice cream on hamburger buns.... Music and entertainment were another crucial component, keeping the crowds from drifting away. Pop stars crooned on a huge stage and the "Sex Bomb" dancers--a group of young women in tight white tops and blue capri pants--did the classic bump and grind.

The attention of the famously amnesiac public is now turned to what will probably be a protracted imeachment process (hey, this is a democracy, remember?), and a raging debate on what new form of government the country will ornament itself with in the next several years. That's right. Back to the normal business of political mediocrity.
01 Aug 2005

We've finally done it! Get Real Philippines is now a proper dot.com website. Visit us now at www.getrealphilippines.com. Tell your friends! Update your links!

In the next several months, we will be migrating the site to our new Web hosting service. Get Real Philippines! will still be accessible via the old URL "http://getrealphilippines.com/legacy/" and our other free URL "how.to/getrealpinoy". You will know when the migration is complete when you start getting a re-direction notice to the getrealphilippines.com site whenever you use these two URL's.

Thanks for your continued interest. This is all part of a 12-month plan to professionalise and commercialise our site and start earning big bucks for our trouble!
08 Feb 2005

Show us the money!
Fans of Get Real! now have a tangible way of expressing their endearment to our ideas! A credit card payment facility is now available at our home page for those who feel that feedback emails are not enough to express their support. Still scratching your head and thinking, "Why should I?". Find out why here!
09 Jan 2005

"Natural disaster" - Pinoy style
In November 1991, a flood resulting from heavy rainfall engulfed the Leyte city of Ormoc and the outlying Isla Verde. About 8,000 people were killed by what had been called a "natural" disaster. There is nothing natural about flash floods that bring uprooted trees and logs with them to increase their killing efficiency. Yet again, true to the nature of our learning-challenged society, we end 2004 with a splash and roar of logs, this time in Quezon province.

As debate now rages (in that characteristic style of the Pinoy) in the halls of Philippine politics on the future of the nation's forestry industry, we cannot help but glean this little bit of insight: Contrary to popular belief, the "wealth" of the Philippines is not in its people, it is in its soil. The Philippines is a beautiful country, but its people have demonstrated world-class talent for turning it into an ugly bunch of protrusions in the Pacific Ocean. While other societies have increasingly shifted to tapping the minds and creativity of its people to generate value, exploitation of Mother Nature's bounty continues to be the industry of choice for propping up the Philippine economy. We have proven these about our society many times before and we have proven it again in 2004.
05 Jan 2005

Click here to view full image Welcome the New Year 2005!!
As another Fiesta Election year has come to pass, so we retire last year's splash page and present a new one that fits the theme of the New Year.

True to Pinoy form we ended 2004 with a bang -- or more accurately-stated, with a splash and a roar of logs! Having hurdled yet another Fiesta Election, the next six years should be -- in theory -- an exercise of getting back to the task at hand: nation building. But let's not get our hopes up yet. By all indications, the new year promises to be another stroll down the lane of mediocrity for the Philippine Nation.

Here's to another year of Getting Real, Philippines!!
04 Jan 2005

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